Radiant Stars Pokemon Set-Sword & Shield Set No. 09

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Shining Stars Pokemon Set - Sword & Shield Set No. 09

On 25. February 2022 saw the release of the expansion Radiant Stars from the Sword & Shield era.

It's the 09. Set from this era and is mainly based on cards from the Japanese sets Star Birth and VMAX Climax.

In this overview we introduce you to the set.

You can say in advance that this set is really unbelievable.

Shining Stars: The Main Set

Radiant Stars consists of over 170 cards – including 4 incredible VSTAR, 20 Pokemon V and 3 Pokemon VMAX cards.

In addition, more than 20 Trainer Cards and 1 wonderful Special Energy Card await you.

In addition to the main set, there is also a Trainer Gallery Sub Set with special artwork.

For all Charizard fans, the Radiant Stars set is a real highlight. Because it offers several versions of the popular Pokemon, which is also adorned with a booster.

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Shining Stars: The Great Trainer Sub Set

In the Shining Stars set, there is a large Trainer Sub Set that shows various Pokémon Trainers together with their Pokémon.

Among other things, the set includes the Pokémon Nachtara, Mimigma, Feelinara or Bellektro.


Shining Stars: Super Beautiful Secret Rare Cards

In addition to this great trainer subset, Radiant Stars also has beautiful Secret Rare cards to show.

Among them are iconic illustrations of Lumineon, Kramshef, Charizard & the Pokémon God himself; Arceus.


Radiant Stars definitely has a lot to offer for Pokemon friends.

Radiant stars: What products are available from the set?

Elite Trainer Boxing

Elite Trainer Boxes are available, which will contain 8 Booster Packs. In addition, they include all kinds of items such as: B. Card sleeves and Co.

Exclusive Elite Trainer Boxes

There are Pokémon Center-exclusive Elite Trainer Boxes that look a little different and include 10 boosters.

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1 Pack Blister

For the set Shining Stars there are so-called 1 Pack Blisters, which always contain 1 Booster Pack of the Radiant Stars expansion as well as one or more Promo Cards of the Sword & Shield era.


In addition to the 1 pack blisters, there are 3-pack blisters. These have 3 booster packs from Radiant Stars as well as a special promo card and a coin.

Build & Battle Kits

In addition to blisters, trainer boxes and the like, there are also so-called Build & Battle Kits. These always come out at the very beginning of a new set and always include a ready to play deck as well as 4 booster packs & 1 special promo card.

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Build & Battle Stadium Boxen

These boxes always contain 2 Build & Battle Decks. They have a total of 12 Booster Packs.

18 Booster Display

Since Radiant Stars is a standard set, there are 18 Booster Displays. As the name suggests, there are 18 booster packs of the set. Ideal for opening.

36 Booster Display

Of course, the Radiant Stars set also has the standard 36 Booster Displays. Among other things, these products are best suited if you just want to open boosters.

Individual Booster Packs

As included in every product already presented, but still not to forget: the Radiant Stars Single Booster! They are and remain the heart of every Pokemon product and that's why we don't leave them unmentioned here.


As you have seen, there are an incredible number of wonderful cards and an incredible number of great products. The set is bombastic and will always be an "evergreen" of the Pokemon TCG, you can probably already be sure of that.

Your opinion is important to us

But what do you think? What do you think of our overview of Radiant Stars? Do you think the set is as great as we do? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments, we would be happy.

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