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Part 1 of the series: "Special Pokemon cards and where to find them"

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Special Pokemon cards and where to find them-An overview

In this series we would like to introduce you to special Pokemon cards, because you have either left a particularly lasting impression in the collector's world or simply because you have z. B. were particularly exclusive and difficult to get. So much in advance: You can definitely look forward to some very interesting articles.

Munch "The Scream" promo cards from Japan

Some of the most unique and coolest Pokemon cards ever became Early November 2018 in Japan Published. The cards are based on the famous painting "The Scream" by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. There was Total of 5 Pokemon cards Which were distributed and issued as exclusive and special Pokemon Promo cards. These cards were only available in Japan.

The special Mimigma Promo card was only sold with an associated mini card binder. You could only get this card in 2 ways, either online at the Pokemon Center (maximum 1 per person) or in VERY Limited quantity at the Tokyo Art Museum. In order to be able to buy Mimigma in the museum, however, you had to buy a ticket for the museum yourself.

Evoli, Enton & Bauz were issued at the various Pokemon Centers in Japan (1 per person) if one had purchased 2 or more Pokemon booster packs (in the period November 2018). But there was a big problem: At the time, hardly any booster packs were sold in the centers. In most shops, approx. 5 am long lines and it was a real lottery to get to the promo cards, as you also had to be lucky to be able to buy a booster pack at all.

Folipurba VMAX AA

The last card promo card was a Pikachu, which was only available at the beginning of December 2018 for a week in total. In order to be able to buy the card this week, you had to visit the Munch art exhibition in the Tokyo Art Museum (entry ticket required). So it was even more complicated to get this special Pikachu card than to all the other cards from the set, although these were incredibly difficult to get.

Folipurba VMAX AA

Mask Royale (SM-P 85)

At first glance, one would certainly assume that this card is just a normal Japanese coach card. But this is by no means the case.

Initially, the card is a Japanese promo card from the Sun & Moon cycle, but also much more. Because this card was only limited to a total of 100 copies and was only available in Japan in a very limited period of time, from July 2017. So there are only extremely few copies worldwide and this card is currently the most expensive Japanese promo card from the Sun & Moon cycle. It is extremely difficult to set an exact value due to the limited availability and very few sales. You can therefore set it to approx. 10,000-30,000 € Quantify (according to Cardmarket).

Mask Royale

Evoli Poncho Promo

The Evoli Poncho Promo was held exclusively in Japan in October 2017. The promo revolved around all evoli developments, i.e. Blitza, Flamara, Aquana, Psiana, Nachtara, Folipurba, Glaziola, Feelinara, Psiana and finally Evoli herself. During this action, Evoli wore various ponchos from his developments and thus the cards are unique and also relatively valuable. Each card costs Several hundred euros . Rated by PSA and Co., all cards rise quickly Several thousand euros In value.

Glurak V
Glurak VMAX Rainbow Rare

Poncho Pikachu Promo Cards

Pikachu has been the mascot of Pokemon for over 25 years, so it should come as no surprise that the popular mouse Pokemon appears in various promo promotions. A number of very interesting Pikachu promo cards are the poncho-bearing Pikachus.

Because the cards were exclusive to Japan and were very limited, all versions are worth a lot of money these days.

Mega Tokyo Poncho Pikachu

These two Pikachu Promo cards were awarded on the occasion of the move of the Pokemon Center in Tokyo in the initial weeks at the new location.

Glurak V AA

Pretend Magikarp Pikachu & Pretend Gyarados Pikachu

Lugia V AA

These two poncho Pikachu promo cards you could find in their own promo box. This box was sold exclusively at the Pokemon Center Hiroshima in June 2015 and therefore both cards are quite valuable.

Lugia V AA

Mega Pokemon Poncho Pikachu

In the winter of 2015, the first Mega Pokemon Pikachu Promo card came on the market in Japanese Pokemon Centers if you bought something in one of the centers. The menu featured a Pikachu with a Mega Lucario Poncho, a Pikachu with a Mega Ohroch Poncho and a Pikachu with a Mega Lahmus Poncho.

Psiana V AA

Other, similar promo cards followed in the spring, but these were somewhat more limited, which is why they were a little more expensive than their predecessor.

Rayquaza VMAX AA

Mega Charizard X & Mega Charizard Y Poncho Pikachu

In 2016, two more special boxes were released in the Pokémon Center stores in Japan. Both cards were part of their respective boxes. These boxes were extremely limited and only available in Japan, which is why these cards are now relatively expensive.

Rayquaza VMAX AA

Rayquaza & Shiny Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu

Given the amazing success, another box was released 6 months after the Mega Charizard Boxes to celebrate the opening of the Skytree Town Pokemon Center in Tokyo. As with similar actions, this box also featured promos from Pikachu wearing a poncho. This time the Mauspokemon wore a Rayquaza Poncho, as a reference to the mascot of the new Pokemon Center.

Rayquaza VMAX AA

Tohoku's Pikachu

As part of the reopening celebrations of the Tohoku Pokemon Center, customers who bought something in the store or online received a special promo card from Pikachu, which was disguised as Bauz, the center's mascot.

Nachtara VMAX AA

Alolan Vulpix & Vulpix Poncho Pikachu

One of the last special boxes with Poncho Pikachu promo cards was released in early 2017. It contained a fire & ice theme with Vulpix And Alolan Vulpix . This box was a decidedly stripped-down version of earlier boxes, as it contained only 2 booster packs as well as sleeves and a deck box. Although these were the last Poncho Pikachu promos and the box was more easily acquired during the release window, the promos themselves are still very valuable.

Nachtara VMAX AA


So that was now Part 1 of the series: "Special Pokemon cards and where to find them" .

In the first part we have now discussed a selection of special promo cards from the X & Y and the Sun & Moon era. It is definitely noticeable that all these such exclusive and valuable promo cards were produced and released exclusively in Japan. So all of them have never received an international equivalent and are only more exclusive and interesting. In any case, you all enrich the individual collection, but unfortunately some of them are also extremely expensive, so they are difficult to reach. Nevertheless, it is extremely interesting to take a closer look at these special Pokemon cards.

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But what do you say about the special Pokemon cards presented? Have you all known them already or was it completely new territory? What do you think of this series? Do you have any special requests for which special cards should be treated next? Would like to write something in our comments, we would be happy.

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