Part 1 of the series: "The rarest Pokemon products there are"

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The rarest Pokemon products - An overview

In this series we would like to introduce you to the rarest Pokemon products available. We will start with the latest products and gradually devote ourselves to older, rare products. Expect exceptional products, all of which are worth displaying in your personal collection.

Die Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium-Collection (UPC)

After the highly sought-after and widely available Charizard Ultra Premium collection, another UPC was launched on 16.12.2022, exclusively in the USA. Thus, this box is quite rare and expensive, especially outside of America.

Psiana V AA

The content of the Arceus UPC

  • 15x Booster Packs from the Entire Sword & Shield Era
  • 1x Metal Arceus Cube
  • 1x Metall Arceus Coin
  • 1x Acrylic VSTAR Marker
  • 1x special Arceus play mat
  • 1x Arceus V & 1x Arceus VSTAR as special metal cards (like Pikachu & Charizard from the Celebrations UPC)
Arceus V
Arceus Vstar
Rayquaza VMAX AA

Diamond Clan & Pearl Clan Special Set

These two boxes were officially released on 02.12.2022 in Japan and each had an original packaging price of 5000 yen. Since they were only available for a limited period of time at Pokemon Centers in Japan, they are relatively rare.

Glurak V
Glurak VMAX Rainbow Rare

The contents of the Diamond Clan Box

  • 64x Friends of the Diamond Clan Sleeves
  • 1x Friends of the Diamond Clan Karten Ordner
  • 1x Adaman Aufstellrahmen
  • 4x S12a VSTAR Universe Booster Packs
Mask Royale

The contents of the Pearl Clan Box

  • 64x ‘Friends of the Pearl Clan Sleeves
  • 1x Friends of the Pearl Clan Karten Ordner
  • 1x Irida Aufstellrahmen
  • 4x S12a VSTAR Universe Booster Packs
Mask Royale

The very first official Pokemon Mystery Box

In the course of the release of the Japanese set Paradigm Trigger, the Pokemon Company released the very first, official Mystery Box on 21.10.2022. It was available for a limited time at select Japanese Pokemon Centers and is now quite hard to come by, especially outside of Japan, and the contents of the box are also relatively valuable. So the box is not only the first official mystery box ever, but also one of the rarest Pokemon products ever.

Mask Royale

The contents of the Mystery Box

  • one of 4 special promo cards
  • one of 4 exclusive deck boxes
  • one of 4 special sleeve packs
  • 7 Booster Pack von dem Set "Paradigm Trigger"
Glurak V AA
Mask Royale

Pokemon GO Special Set

For the Japanese release of the Pokemon GO set, the Pokemon Company had come up with something special. It released a special box in June 2022, which was only available at various Pokemon Centers in Japan at the time. The original packaging price for this product was 3700 yen, since it was exclusive to Japan, you can now only get the box for significantly more money.

The contents of the Pokémon GO Special Set

  • 1x Mewtwo V Promo Card
  • 1x Card Box
  • 7x Pokemon Sticker
  • 1x Ausstellrahmen
  • 1x Deck Box
  • 1x Coin
  • 6x S10b Pokemon GO Booster Packs
Lugia V AA
Lugia V AA

Die Precious Collector Box

In May 2022, the so-called Precious Collector Box was officially unveiled in Japan. It cost 17,600 yen and was extremely exclusive, because this box could only be ordered from the Online Pokemon Center Japan for a very limited period of time, if you had a place of residence in Japan. International collectors could therefore not officially order this box from the outset. As a result, the box definitely claims to be one of the rarest Pokemon boxes ever.

Folipurba VMAX AA

The contents of the Precious Collector Box

Above all, the box contained TCG accessories with a luxurious look and feel, i.e. in an extremely exclusive design. Part of the box were, among other things, a special card folder and a special deck box.

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Folipurba VMAX AA

However, the Precious Collector Box was not only able to score points with collectors with luxuriously designed accessories. No, she also had an extremely rare and coveted Pikachu promo card[0127510 0127511], which was supposed to symbolize the end of the Sword & Shield era. The card is extremely valuable and currently costs approx. 500€.

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Folipurba VMAX AA


So, that was Part 1 of the series: "The rarest Pokemon products there are".

In the first part, we have now discussed the rarest Pokemon products from 2022. It is noticeable that such rare products have usually been released exclusively in Japan and have received limitations there, which is why these products are then relatively expensive, especially from an international perspective. In the coming parts of this series, we will discuss older products from older eras, which are already available, for example. several hundred, respectively. cost several thousand euros. So definitely be curious about what else awaits you here.

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Your opinion is important to us

But what do you think about the rare Pokemon products presented? Have you all known them already or was it completely new territory? What do you think of this series? Do you have any special requests as to which special products should be treated next? Would like to write something in our comments, we would be happy.

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