How do you play Pokemon cards? A beginner's guide to the Pokemon TCG

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How do you play Pokemon cards? Our beginner's guide will enlighten you

Want to learn how to play with Pokémon Cards ? You're far from alone. The Pokémon Trading Card Game, or Pokémon TCG for short, wasn't the first trading card game to hit the market, but 25 years later it's one of only a handful of TCGs from the 1990s that continues to be represented, and the Pokemon TCG is arguably the most popular of them all. This beginner's guide explains the rules of the game and contains all the information you need to start actively playing the Pokemon TCG.

What is the best way to get started with the Pokemon TCG?

You can play the Trading Card Game in two different ways[0127511 0127512]: First, in person, with physical cards; or digitally on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

We'll cover both the digital version of the TCG and the physical game itself 0127512, as well as a 0127511]guide 0127512 to all the basic 0127511 rules 0127512 and 0127511 tactics 0127512, as well as some 0127511 important tips on which sets and decks are best suited for a new player like you.

Let's start with the fastest and most accessible way to get Pokémon cards:

The Digital Pokemon TCG

The digital Pokemon TCG is the virtual version of the popular game. It's currently available on PC, Mac, and iOS or Android tablets, and we think it's the best way to get started with the Pokémon TCG. You can play it on most smartphones, but the operation is more tailored to a PC or tablet, which is why we 0127511 would strongly recommend that you play on such devices 0127512.

At the beginning of the game, you will be guided through the game rules of the virtual TCG . New players also get 3 basic decks to use against the AI. Defeat the AI through a series of so-called "Trainer Challenges". As a result, the game will reward you with more cards, coins, and booster packs.

Your goal now should be to acquire 500 PokéCoins , which you can use to create your first Theme Deck/V Battle Deck (starting with the Sword and Shield expansion, theme decks were replaced by so-called "Sword and Shield] Theme Decks. V-battle decks). These decks are pre-built and ready to play, so you'll be ready to compete against other trainers out there and compete with them. The Theme Deck/V Battle Deck is subject to a certain theme, and this theme restricts players to using unchanged Theme Decks/V Battle Decks against each other.

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The big advantage of pre-made themed decks/V-battle decks is that they are relatively beginner-friendly , so they are perfect to start with. Against Meta-Decks or However, you would certainly always lose against extended decks, which is why you should build your own decks over time or use the so-called decks. Meta decks.

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The Physical Pokemon TCG

The virtual version of the game isn't the only way to actively play the Pokémon TCG. The game itself is easy to learn. Again, the best way to start your adventure is to purchase a themed deck/V battle deck.

Which Pokemon cards to buy as a beginner?

Every battle deck since the Sword & Shield era already includes, among other things, 0127511 a ready-to-play 60-card deck, a rulebook and much more. Definitely a very good and also relatively inexpensive way to get to know the TCG.

So, now that you know what you need to get started with the Pokémon TCG—let's take a look at the Basic Rules.

The basics and rules of the game of the Pokemon TCG

Both players shuffle their 60-card deck and draw 7 cards. Each player then places a so-called. Base Pokémon (which are called Pokémon called Pokémon. Base Pokémon are always in the upper left corner of a map) face down down. This is their active Pokemon that can fight and take damage.

If a player does not have a base Pokemon available, they must reveal their hand to their opponent, shuffle their cards back into their deck, and draw 7 new cards. Each time this happens, the opposing player can draw an extra card. Players can then place up to 5 Pokemon the basic level face down on their bench. Next, players draw another 6 cards from the top of their deck and place them face down on the side of the playing area. These are your price cards.

After all, many players let a coin decide who gets to start and then reveal their active and banked Pokemon. The first player now executes his turn, here it is important to note that he cannot attack in the opening turn, and in addition, none the player can develop a Pokemon in his first turn.

The rest of the process

Phase 1

Draw a card.

Phase 2

You can perform [0127512 0127511]any of the following actions in any order.

- Place any number of simple Pokemon[0127511 0127512] from your hand onto the bench in an open position. A maximum of [0127511 0127512]five Pokémon can be placed on your bench at a time.

- Evolve your Pokémon. There are basic, phase 1, phase 2 and e.g. VMAX Pokemon in the game. You can evolve as many Pokémon as you want in one turn. However, you are only allowed to level up a Pokémon one level per turn.

- Place an energy card from your hand onto any Pokémon Pokémon. Only one energy card[0127511 0127512] may be attached to a Pokémon per round.

- Play Trainer Cards. You can recognize these cards by the fact that they are usually e.g. such as items, coaches and stadiums. You should use them for your game because they allow you to heal Pokemon, draw more cards, and perform special actions (e.g. trading your active Pokemon with a Pokemon on the bench). You can only use one Coach Card and one Stadium Card per round.

- Withdraw/trade your active Pokemon for a Pokemon on the bench. Each Pokemon must have a certain amount of energy (withdrawal cost) in order to be used. The withdrawal cost can be found on the bottom right corner of a Pokemon card. You are only allowed to withdraw one Pokemon per turn.

- Use the abilities of a Pokémon (marked in red on a map). You can use as many skills as you want per round.

Phase 3

Attack by using one of your active Pokemon attacks for which you have enough energy (this will end your turn).

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So how can you win a game?

Possibility Number 1

Each time you defeat an opposing player's Pokémon, you'll draw one of your 6 prize cards. The first player to draw all his prize cards wins the game.

option 2

You win when your opponent no longer has an active Pokemon in play.

option 3

You win when your opponent has no more cards in his deck.

Next steps

As soon as you have fought a few fights, preferably successfully, and want to dive deeper into the game, you can buy a so-called Elite Trainer Box or a Top Trainer Box. The Elite Trainer Box contains English Pokemon cards and the Top Trainer Box contains German Pokemon cards.

German Top Trainer Boxing

These boxes add a lot of value to you and your collection, as they always include some booster packs, energy cards (which are used in all decks), card sleeves, and state tokens (to indicate when a Pokémon is sleeping, burned, confused, paralyzed, or poisoned). contain. Sometimes they even include special promo cards if the box is from a so-called special set. An example of this would be the Pokemon GO Elite Trainer Box.


As you have hopefully learned, there are many different ways 0127511 to play the Pokemon TCG[0127512 0127511 0127512]. The game is also not very complicated and therefore relatively easy to learn. So what are you waiting for? Get an Elite Trainer Box or a Themed Deck/V-Battle Deck and get started.

Your opinion is important to us

Was our beginner's guide to the Pokemon TCG helpful for you or are you already familiar with the game? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you.

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