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Do you want to be at the top? Then your team must form a unit! In the expansion pack Sun & Moon-Bund of like-minded people of the Pokémon trading card game, TAG TEAM fights in perfect harmony with Pokémon-GX, including Mewtu & Mew-GX, Bauz & Alola Kokowei-GX, Psiana & Deoxys-GX, Knakrack & Giratina-GX, nachtara & Darkrai-GX and more! Side by side, the two are pursuing a common goal-find your perfect partner in the Sun & Moon expansion package-Bund of like-minded people! More than 230 cards! 8 new TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX! 9 more Pokémon GX! Over 25 trainer cards and 2 new special power-up cards! The full Sun & Moon-Bund of like-minded people expansion pack will also be available online for the Pokémon trading card game Online.