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A new Dragon Pokémon makes its debut in the expansion pack Pokémon TCG: Dragons Exalted! Over a decade has passed since the introduction of a new type of Pokémon-the new Dragon type introduces a strong lineup of more than 15 Dragon-type Pokémon, including Rayquaza EX, Giratina EX, Garchomp and Trikephalo. By combining new Pokémon EX with a powerful Dragon-type Pokémon squad, trainers will embrace the dragon's battle roar and emerge victorious!
Dragon-type Pokémon reflect the unique powers of Dragon-type Pokémon, and their rich repertoire includes attacks that use multiple energy types. In the Pokémon collectible card game expansion Dragons Exalted, which has over 120 cards, there are two versions each of six different Pokémon EX and many Pokémon such as B. Mew, Vulnona and Honchkrov. Four new trainer cards and two special power cards complete this incredibly powerful expansion!