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With a reliable partner by your side, nothing can stop you! TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX from Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon forces in unison demonstrates the great power of teamwork. In addition to Reshiram & Glurak-GX, Schabelle & Masskito-GX, Guardevoir & Feelinara-GX are also joining forces! Trust and practice make these Pokémon almost invincible opponents, so don't miss an amazing pairing in the Sun & Moon expansion pack-forces in unison! More than 210 cards! 7 new TAG TEAM Pokémon GX! 7 more Pokémon GX! Over 25 Trainer cards and 1 new special power card! The full expansion Sun & Moon forces in line will also be available for Pokémon TCG: Online.