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Boost your power with fantastic new Pokémon that will take you to the climax of all Pokémon battles-the battlefield! All of this is in the hot Pokémon trading card game Platinum - Supreme Victors! With the new Platinum Pokémon TCG Supreme Victors you get new Pokémon SP like Blaziken, new wild Pokémon L V.X like Charizard L V.X and new ways to fight you to the top. If you fight Pokémon coached by the Elite Galactic Team in Warzone and champions of the Sinnoh League, you will emerge victorious! The latest addition to the best-selling Pokémon TCG includes over 150 cards and new Pokémon SP, as well as new Pokémon L V.X, including Rayquaza, Garchomp and more! Collect Dragon Pokémon like Charizard and Rayquaza Discover new Pokémon L V.X, including Charizard, Garchomp, and Blaziken More Pokémon SP, including Pokémon from Battle Celebrities and Champions.
Fighting personalities have proven themselves as opponents in Pokémon Platinum. Now these talented coaches are also active in Supreme Victors! Over a dozen Battle Celebrity SP cards are waiting for you, including Psycho Drifzepeli Pokémon (3/147) and tough Regigigas (9/147). There are even some Pokémon SP L V.X like Stanaptor L V.X (147/147)! Make your deck shine with cards in different colors! Ultimate winner contains three cards in different colors that you cannot miss. These cards can be recognized by the unusual colors and special numbers of the Pokémon in the illustrations. Combat Pokémon Relicanth (SH8) can use Deep Ocean Pressure to increase the withdrawal costs of defending Pokémon. And Water Pokémon Milotic (SH7) and Plant Pokémon Yanma (SH9) come as cards in different colors to brighten up your deck!

Cute than clay models! One of the craziest illustration styles of the trading card game also returns to Ultimate Winner: Yuka Morii makes clay models of Pokémon and photographs them in the wild. In Supreme Victors, her illustration debut in the Platinum Collection! Yuka Morii focuses on the most popular Pokémon like the electric duo Plusle (76/147) and Minun (71/147) and the adorable Flurmel (132/147)! Get the ultimate game fun in the form of boosters or the great theme decks Ignition and Overflow with Supreme Victors-now at your dealer!