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Fight for the thrill, fight for the challenge... fight for victory! In the Pokémon TCG: HS—Triumph expansion pack, you'll find everything you need to get one step closer to victory. Together, Palkia and Dialga form an incredible Pokémon legend. Machomei, Gengar, and six other powerful Pokémon make their debut as Pokémon Primus. New coach, supporter, and stadium cards, as well as new special power cards, give you new strategies and deck ideas. There's only one thing missing: a coach who fights for victory – and that's you, isn't it?
The Pokémon TCG expansion HS—Triumph is now available! Be sure to check out two new themed decks, Spring Frost and Royal Guard, featuring extremely powerful Pokémon with devastating moves! Also, don't miss out on the unique Pokémon LEGEND and Pokémon Prime cards in this expansion pack! Learn more about Pokémon TCG HS—Triumph Expansion!
What the new Pokémon TCG expansion, HS—Triumph, has to offer: Legendary Pokémon come in pairs and become legendary cards—Palkia and Dialga and Darkrai and Cresselia! Discover Pokémon Prime cards, including Celebi, Machomei, and Gengar! The new Spring Frost and Royal theme decks feature Pokémon so powerful that their devastating attacks will make your enemies shudder! There is no escape! Unlike the discard pile, cards that have been banished to nowhere cannot be put back into play.
Pokémon Trading Card Game HS - Triumph Expansion includes cards that send opposing Pokémon out of nowhere and disable them for the rest of the game! Gengar Prime's Eclipse Throw (94/102) and Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND's Nowhere Crisis (99/102 and 100/102) both banish Pokémon to nowhere, never to appear again! But that's not all: Mew Prime (97/102) Poké Body Nowhere Connection can use the attacks of all Pokémon in Nowhere (both yours and the opponent's) and Magnezone Primus (96/102). The higher the number, the more damage you put on the lost zone! Explore many different ways to achieve victory everywhere!
Pure energy! A new power card has appeared in the Pokémon TCG HS—Triumph expansion pack that can give you a huge advantage. When you attach Salvage Energy (90/102) to your Pokémon, you're actually giving it a lifebuoy: if the Pokémon that this card is attached to becomes incapacitated, you can put it back into your hand. (However, all cards attached to this Pokémon must be discarded.)
In addition, Reclaimed Energy provides colorless energy that you can use to perform powerful attacks such as Nidoking's Poison Horn (6/102) (deals 80 damage and poisons the defending Pokémon) or Bronzong's (15/102) Legend Ritual (equip your deck in search of Pokémon Legends and place them in your hand). Recycling energy not only provides useful energy, but also gives you peace of mind that your Pokémon will stay with you even after it has been knocked down!
Let's move forward again! If you've fallen behind in battle, the Pokémon TCG HS Triumph Expansion Pack is for you!