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Experience the fascination of Pokemon trading cards

In our diverse selection of Pokemon Trading Cards You will come across different types of cards that will give your collection a special touch. Here are some of the types of Pokemon cards you can find in the Booster Packs:

Basic Trading Cards : These are the basic cards that show different Pokemon with their names, types, attacks and skills. They are the basis for each Pokemon deck.

Holographic maps : These cards are characterized by a shiny hologram on the front, giving them a unique and eye-catching look. Holographic maps are especially popular with collectors.

Full-Art Cards : These cards are characterized by a stunning design in which the entire image of the card is taken by a Pokemon or scene. They are often designed in great detail and aesthetically pleasing.

GX and EX cards : These special cards represent powerful Pokemon with advanced abilities and stronger attacks. As a rule, they are less common and more sought after than other cards.

Legendary and Mysterious Cards : These cards show legendary Pokemon or mysterious beings from the Pokemon world. They are often rare and can be a big collector's attraction.

In addition to the different types of Pokemon cards, there are also different levels of rarity that can affect the value and popularity of the cards. Here are some of the common levels of rarity:

Common (Common): These cards are usually easy to find and are included in many Pokemon Booster Packs.

Uncommon (Unusual): These cards are slightly rarer than common cards and often offer slightly stronger capabilities or attacks.

Rare (Rare): Rare cards are more coveted and harder to find than Common and Uncommon cards. You can have a greater variety of powerful attacks and abilities.

Ultra Rare (Ultra Rare): These cards are very rare and often have special features such as holography, special illustrations, or unique gameplay mechanics.

Secret Rare (Secret Rarity): These cards are the rarest and most desirable in the collectible world. They often have limited editions and are equipped with special features or illustrations.

Discover the fascinating world of Pokemon trading cards with us and immerse yourself in a collection full of diversity, rarities and exciting cards. Whether you're an experienced collector or a newbie, you'll find the perfect Pokemon cards to expand your collection and enrich your gaming experience.