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Find out what's coming in Diamond & Pearl: – Majestic Dawn!
Eevee receives two more evolutions in Majestic Morning, making a total of 7 evolutions. Leafeon (7/100) Catches the opponent's defensive Pokémon and uses Flora Shield to inflict future damage while maintaining defense. Glaceon (5/100) Use the Snow Cloak to neutralize attacks on you in each turn, then go up a level and use the speed control to bypass any possible defense. One of the great things about using Eevee and its developments is the many possibilities - it's easy and fun!
A new Pokémon LV.X is coming to you! Garchomp LV.X (97/100) breaks any rule. And since it's one of the strongest Pokémon, no one can stop it! When Garchomp comes into play, his Dragon Pulse Poké Power can deal damage to all enemy Backline Pokémon. It also adds a free recovery attack to the normal Garchomp attack. With Restore, you can take any of your Pokémon back from the discard pile and bring them directly into the game—even Phase 2 Pokémon. Instead of going into the game empty-handed, a Pokémon receives up to 3 Base Power cards (also from the discard pile). Garchomp LV.X is very powerful and very useful when an eliminated Pokémon is needed again.
More energy in the game!
Each deck uses energy cards. Most of the time, these are basic energy cards that match the Pokémon in the game and some special energy cards. Majestic Morning includes new special energy cards that fit in any deck! Healing Energy (94/100) and Recovery Energy (96/100) not only provide Colorless Energy, but also provide recovery from damage and special conditions. Ruf-Energie (92/100) is likely to be even more in demand. Reputation Energy provides a Colorless Energy and gives you the ability to search your deck for 2 base Pokémon and place them directly on your bank. This will end your turn, but you'll quickly prepare for the rest of the game!
These and other cards can be found in the Diamond & Pearl-Majestic Dawn theme decks and boosters!