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The third Yugioh set in TCG & Germany

Spell Ruler or SRL for short, was the third Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Set. In Germany, this much changing set was released on 16.09.2002. However, the set was first called "Magic Ruler". Konami was forced to change the name to Spell Ruler due to problems with another very popular card game called "Magic". For this reason, Konami has also had to change spell cards, which were originally called "Magic Cards", and therefore called them "Spell Cards".

This set has arguably the most powerful spell cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! spawned. So powerful, in fact, that some of the spell cards are still banned today! Among other things, there were also very good monsters for the meta of the time with this set, and the toon cards were also allowed to celebrate their debut with this set!

Spell Ruler Yugioh

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Content of Spell Ruler

Spell Ruler had slightly fewer cards to offer than the previous set "Metal Raiders". But much stronger! SRL contains a total of 131 different maps. Specifically:

  • 2x Secret Rare
  • 10x Ultra Rare
  • 10x Super Rare
  • 18x Rare
  • 91x Common

➡️ under:

  • 40x normal Monster
  • 35x Effektmonster
  • 4x Fusionsmonster
  • 4x Ritualmonster
  • 43x Zauberkarten
  • 5x Fallenkarten

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The highlights of the magical Yugioh set

The strongest cards in this set, as you can guess from the name (Spell Ruler), are definitely the spell cards. We'll start with 2 monsters, which are the only 2 Secret Rares in the set!

Serpent Night Dragon

Secret Rare

A beautiful, nostalgic sinister dragon. Even though this combination of snake and dragon has never been relevant in the meta, it's definitely an eye-catcher! In our opinion, a very nostalgic collector's item!

God of Cards: Drachenmeister Gaia Produktbild

Blue-eyed Toon Dragon

Secret Rare

At the 2. Secret Rare is the cartoon / toon version of the legendary blue-eyed white dragon with an ice-cold look! Blue-Eyed Toon Dragon is one of the first toon cards to make its debut with "Toon Maiden" (Ultra Rare), "Summoned Toon Skull" (Ultra Rare), "Manga Ryu-Ran" (Rare), and of course "Toon World" (Super Rare). This monster is in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community extremely popular, and a real collector's item! After all, it is the cartoon version of the white dragon, and at the same time a very important monster of the anime character Pegasus!

The Toon Dragon was also never really meta relevant, but was played from time to time in certain decks as part of an engine. Of course, it should not be missing in any toon deck!

God of Cards: Dreihörniger Drache Kartenbild

So the 2 Secret Rares of this set were / are definitely absolute eye-catchers. But as mentioned earlier, this set is more about the spell cards! The spell cards, which were really so incredibly strong, so unrealistically good, that some of them are still banned today, and will probably never be allowed again! That's enough words! Let's move on to the powerful spell cards of Spell Ruler!

Criminal duo

Secret Rare

Such a short effect text, and so incredibly strong. This card was, is and will forever remain just plain unfair. So seriously now, what was Konami thinking about the map? For a ridiculous 1000 life, you take 2 cards away from your opponent's hand! Just like that! Crime duo was limited to 1 pretty quickly, but even that was logically not the solution with such an unfair card. But considering that you could play them 3 times... Without words! Anyway, this card has been on the 012759 list of banned cards for an extremely long time 0127510, and that's where it stays!

God of Cards: Drachenmeister Gaia Produktbild

How unrealistically strong, and just plain unfair criminal duo is, we have probably already clarified. It's far from clear what Konami was thinking about the card, but it gets even worse. Because criminal duo was just one of their kind. While it has to be said that the card is the worst of its kind, Konami didn't stop there. So let's move on to the other 2, also very unfair, and now deservedly banished spell cards:

Strong Sentry & Confiscation

God of Cards: Blauäugiger w. Drache, Rotäugiger S. Drache & Dunkler Magier Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare & Super Rare

Here again we have two extremely short card texts, but they are so unfair that we no longer understand the world.

Strong Sentry puts an opponent's hand card back on the deck. You can even see your opponent's entire hand, and you can choose the card yourself.

In the case of confiscation, it goes more in the direction of a criminal duo. Here, too, you first pay 1000 Life Points to discard a card from your opponent's hand to the graveyard. Unlike criminal duo , you only discard one card, but in this case, as in "Strong Sentry", you can also look at the opponent's hand and choose the respective card yourself!

By now everyone can probably imagine how frustrating it must have been to have played at the time when all 3 of these cards were allowed, and even unlimited!

So as you can see, Konami[012759 0127510] has gone overboard with this set. So we can say that even now, before we show you the next extremely strong, and forbidden cards. Because YES! There's more to strong spell cards!

Snap Steel, Spoilt for Choice & Giant Trunade

God of Cards: weitere LOB Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare & 2x Super Rare

There they would be! The next 3 spell cards that are still on the list of forbidden cards today! This brings us to 6 forbidden cards that only come from this one set! Konami was really serious about Spell Ruler, throwing out all the unfair ideas at the same time. These cards could really have been released at least spread over several sets.

With snap steel you could just like that, permanently take over any open monster of the opponent. In return, the opponent received 1000 Life Points in each round. So again "costs" that cannot be taken seriously. Definitely an extremely powerful effect, but that would be perfectly fine in this day and age if Snap Steel wasn't an equipment spell card. Because these can be taken with certain cards, specifically from the deck to the hand.

Spoiled for choice would really completely destroy everything today. With this card you get one card from the deck to the hand, and the remaining 4 to the graveyard. In this day and age, this card would be by far the strongest spell card in the entire game.

Also Giant Trunade is and remains locked away. The card simply allows too much, as all the spell and trap cards are sent from the field to the hand. The problem is rather that you get your own cards back into your hand, which can lead to very unfair combinations.

These were the absolutely unbelievably strong, and sometimes extremely unfair spell cards, which will probably never be allowed again. However, there are also some spell cards that have managed not to be banned! Here we have another 2 spell cards that are still allowed and relatively playable!

Upstart Goblin & Mystic Space Typhoon

God of Cards: weitere LOB Kartenbilder

Common & Ultra Rare

Again, we have short map texts. Very short! We would like to mention this more often, because such short map texts are unimaginable with modern maps. In the meantime, the card texts are really incredibly long! Nevertheless, the cards were extremely powerful at that time, in some cases even more powerful than today's cards, as we saw earlier.

The effect of upstart Goblin seems pretty harmless, if not bad, at first glance. But this card is so good that it's still limited to 1 today! Why? Because it's in Yu-Gi-Oh! It's too good if you can just draw cards and make your deck "faster". The minimum number of deck cards is 40. So, for example, if you were to play this card 3 times, you would basically only have 37 deck cards left, and would thus get to your key cards / combos even faster. Hence the limit!

Mystical Space Typhoon, on the other hand, is allowed 3 times today, but was also limited to 1 in the past! At that time, a lot of trap cards were played, so that cards like these, or Heavy Storm, Harpies, Bats, etc. were quite annoying. Nowadays it's very different, so Mystic Space Typhoon is basically no longer played at all!

That brings us to the end of the blog! However, we actually want to end this blog with a monster card instead of one of the countless spell cards in this set! Even though the spell cards in this set were so incredibly strong, there was this one monster that also dominated the meta and was banned for a long time!



First destroy ALL monsters on the field, and then reveal the top FIVE cards of the deck, and summon all monsters of level 4 or lower to the field, and take the rest into your hand! So basically, this card destroys all the monsters, and then you draw another 5 cards. We can only ask again, what was Konami thinking? Of course, Cyberdose has to be flipped up to activate its effect, but this is also possible if the opponent attacks the covert Cyberdose. Especially since it used to be completely normal to set monsters, respectively. so some flipp monsters to play.

God of Cards: Drachenmeister Gaia Produktbild

Cyberdose has actually been allowed again recently, but is limited to 1! Today, this card is not so strong only because it is now very unlikely that 1 hidden monster can be flipped up on the field, as it will probably be destroyed beforehand or similar. In addition, it would be an own goal if the opponent attacked the face-down can, as he would then draw 5 cards in his own turn, which would be too violent nowadays. Thus, Cyberdose is absolutely not played at the moment.

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