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How do you recognize fake Pokemon cards?

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How do you recognize fake Pokemon cards?

All Pokemon collectors need to know how to recognize fake Pokemon cards. Unfortunately, due to the incredible popularity of the Pokemon franchise, there are now an incredible number of fake Pokemon cards. In this article, we would like to briefly introduce you to what fake Pokemon cards are and how you can recognize them so that you don't fall for cheap fake cards

What are fake Pokemon cards?

Fake cards can often be found on the Internet under the names e.g. B. "Proxy/-or Decoration Cards". These maps are mostly manufactured in China by a third-party provider illegally and are not original licensed. Most of the time, the cards are printed in English and usually stand out strongly from the official Pokemon cards on the outside.

How to spot fake Pokemon cards?

There are 0127512 a wide variety of versions of fake Pokemon cards 0127512, and here we show you how to recognize them[0127512 0127511 0127511] at first glance.

Fake Pokemon Cards Example 1

God of Cards: Fake Pokemon Karten Unterschiede Vergleichsbild 1

1. feature

First, let's take a look at the word "Pokemon". On the right card missing the distinctive accent on the word and this error would never occur on an official product.

2. feature

Now let's look at the energy costs and the respective resistances of both maps. It is noticeable that on the forged card the symbol in the circle is significantly larger than on the original and also that this not was optimally centered. Clear signs of a fake.

3. feature

Now let's look at the golden border. This is only officially available in a few sets and not in the present example set.

4. feature

Finally, the color saturation of both cards is different, so the real card is e.g. designed to be much brighter and more colorful, and such color differences are also definite distinguishing marks for fake Pokemon cards.

Fake Pokemon Cards Example 2

God of Cards: Fake Pokemon Karten Unterschiede Vergleichsbild 2

1. feature

Note the deviating texturing on the right image, the left card has a texturing with a distinctive look and feel. However, the left card is exclusively smooth and it shouldn't be that way. Texturing may differ, but only in the appropriate context.

2. feature

The fonts of both maps are different and only the font on the left card is original and this can also be found on all other official maps. So you can identify fake cards relatively easily.

3. feature

The edges are much narrower on the original than on the fake. There are also official maps with miscuts, but only very rarely such massifs. Definitely a clear sign of a possible forgery.

Fake Pokemon Cards Example 3

God of Cards: Fake Pokemon Karten Unterschiede Vergleichsbild 3

1. feature

The energy symbol is shown correctly and correctly centered on the left, but not on the right. Even such small details often give clues to fake cards.

2. feature

Counterfeits are usually based on so-called. Glossy maps printed. As a result, you lose the familiar haptics of real cards and are therefore quite easy to recognize.

3. feature

If one compares the above-mentioned example cards with each other, it is noticeable that both differ greatly in their color intensity, a clear identifier for forgeries.

Fake Pokemon Cards Example 4

God of Cards: Fake Pokemon Karten Unterschiede Vergleichsbild 4

1. feature

The font is different on both fake cards and both fonts do not officially exist.

2. + 3. feature

The text on the left card refers to a other than the one depicted, Pokemon and such details shed light on the question of whether card XY might be a fake card or not.

4. feature

Note the evolutionary stage, as Nockchan is actually a base Pokémon and does not evolve from the Pokémon Togepi. Often in the case of forgeries, only the images are replaced, not but an entire map layout.

5. feature

The symbol shown indicates that the Pokemon from the 2nd. generations, but this cannot be true not, since there were officially only Pokemon with 1st Edition stamps as well as unlimited versions. Clearly a fake Pokemon card.

6. feature

Here, too, the border of the map is unusual large, there are miscuts, but such sizes are very rare. So, in combination with other indicators, it is also an indication of a fake.

Fake Pokemon Cards Example 5

God of Cards: Fake Pokemon Karten Unterschiede Vergleichsbild 5

Feature 1

Products in their original packaging may also be counterfeit. Real Pokemon displays have e.g. For example, always have a Pokeball as a watermark in their slides. There are also fakes that copy the watermark, but they often omit the "N" in Pokemon, for example.

Feature 2

The packs in original displays are always positioned with front to back and not differently.

Feature 3

Many counterfeits use inferior plastic for packaging, which often causes bubbles, a clear indication of counterfeiting.


As you could see, there are numerous variants of fakes and to recognize them is often quite difficult, because you have to be informed about even the smallest details in order to be 100% sure that you have real cards in front of you. So you should only buy []from the dealers you trust and private you should be even more careful and always request clear photos or videos of cards[0127511 0127512], as well as book with insured shipping and e.g. with PayPal. "Too" cheap offers are also an indicator of possible counterfeits and finally we would like to point out once again how important it is to buy from reputable sources.

So you can e.g. B. in unserem eigenen TCG-Shop „God of Cards“ super eindecken. We 0127511 offer you all kinds of items at fair prices and would be happy if you would stop by.

Your opinion is needed!

What do you personally think of proxy cards and the like? For example, do you have? as a decorative item a raison d'être or have you already had experience with them yourself? Feel free to write it to us in the comments. We are looking forward to it.

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