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Yugioh - The First Booster Pack! Legend of Blue Eyes

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The first Yugioh set in German

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon or LOB for short called , was the first Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Set. In Germany this legendary set was released on 08.03.2002, but in Japan already on 18.05.2000. In addition to the 3 most popular monsters (Blue-Eyed White Dragon, Red-Eyed Black Dragon, and Dark Mage), the set still had some very strong cards, and the first Secret Rares to offer!

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

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Contents of the legendary LOB set

As already mentioned, Konami has launched the rarity "Secret Rare" for the first time with LOB. But in this set there were respectively. There are also very good and popular Ultra Rares and Super Rares in it. LOB contains a total of 103 different cards. Specifically:

  • 2x Secret Rare
  • 10x Ultra Rare
  • 9x Super Rare
  • 15x Rare
  • 67x Common

➡️ under:

  • 58x normal Monster
  • 4x Effektmonster
  • 6x Fusionsmonster
  • 32x Zauberkarten
  • 3x Fallenkarten

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The highlights of the first Yugioh set

Apart from spell and trap cards, as you can see, the set has almost only monsters with no effects or effects. normal monsters. But now let's get to the highlights of this beautiful, nostalgic set.

Drachenmeister Gaia

Secret Rare

A very popular monster that you know very well from the anime, or rather from the main role Yami Yugi ! Dragon Master Gaia is 1 of the first 2 Secret Rares published by Konami !

Both fusion materials "Gaia, Wrathful Knight" (Ultra Rare) and "Dragon's Curse" (Super Rare) including the fusion spell card "Polymerization" (Super Rare), which can also be seen very well from the 1st century. Anime have also been released with this set. Anyone who owns this beautiful card as a Secret Rare can be really proud of themselves.

God of Cards: Drachenmeister Gaia Produktbild

Three-horned dragon

Secret Rare

At the 2. Secret Rare is a normal level 8 dragon monster that is almost as powerful as the legendary blue-eyed white dragon. Nostalgia Pur! This card is also extremely popular among collectors, and just like Dragon Master Gaia, Three-Horned Dragon in Secret Rare from this set is also very difficult to find in good shape. Again, if you own this card, you can be really proud!

God of Cards: Dreihörniger Drache Kartenbild

These were the first 2 Secret Rares of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. However, arguably the most popular maps, and the biggest highlights from LOB, are actually Ultra Rare! As already mentioned, there are 10 different and rare cards of this rarity in this set. But let's start with 5 cards at the same time. But why 5 at the same time? Most of you will probably have understood the allusion, but here we go:

Exodia, the Forbidden One

God of Cards: Exodia, die Verbotene Kartenbilder

ALL 5 parts of the Exodia were published for the first time in LOB. All 5 parts are Ultra Rare. This release has the Yu-Gi-Oh! Made fans very happy, and at the same time changed the game a bit! Because with Exodia you now had a completely different way to win the game. Until the release of Exodia there were actually only 2 ways to win a duel, either a player had lost because he had no more cards in his deck (which really didn't happen at all), or because his life points were reduced to 0! Even though it was anything but easy to protect your life points until you have drawn all 5 pieces of the forbidden, one or the other game was decided by the combination of these 5 cards! Definitely a must-have in the collection of any Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans!

The next 3 maps on this list are probably the most popular monsters in the series! Pretty much everyone among you will know which 3 monsters they are, but let's take a look at these beauties now!

Blue-eyed Dragon, Red-Eyed Dragon & Dark Mage

God of Cards: Blauäugiger w. Drache, Rotäugiger S. Drache & Dunkler Magier Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare

Although LOB the first booster set of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Konami has given us 2 alternative artworks from the 2 most popular/main monsters of the entire series or series. of the entire card game! While the red-eyed black dragon in this set has not yet received alternative artwork, we got to admire the white dragon and the dark magician with a completely different look. But over the years, these 3 monsters have received a lot of different artwork. In our opinion, these 3 cards are definitely a must have for every Yu-Gi-Oh! Players out there! Because it doesn't get any more nostalgic than that!

The fact that this set has a lot of nostalgic cards to offer doesn't need to be clarified any more. However, surprisingly, it's not the only thing LOB has to offer. Even though it's really hard to believe, there are still cards from LOB that you see regularly even in today's meta / modern decks! It's really unbelievable when you consider that this set is almost 21 years old, and there are now more than 11,000 different cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG there!

Cards from LOB that are still being played

God of Cards: weitere LOB Kartenbilder

As you can see, there are still 4 cards from LOB that are still played regularly in quite a few decks today! The 4 cards are all spell cards. Although these cards were already so powerful back then, 3 of them are "only" Super Rare. The only Ultra Rare is the card "Rebirth", which is known from the anime mainly under the name "Monster Reanimation". However, the most played card is actually "Polymerization", which is also very well known as "Fusion". This card is still extremely important in one or the other meta deck today, while "Black Hole", "Raigeki", and "Rebirth" are played much less in comparison.

If you're thinking, "So much nostalgia! Now I would like to order a Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Display!", we have good and bad news! These displays, which are already more than 20 years old, now cost several thousand euros. But as promised, we also have good news! Konami becomes the 25. Anniversary several OG sets, including LOB! These sets will be released on 13.07.2023! Best of all, you can also pre-order it directly from us via this link!

You don't have that much patience? No problem, because Konami has already reprinted Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon in Korean! This display contains 40 booster packs, is available immediately, and is currently on sale in the God of Cards Shop for an unbeatable price of €29.95!

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