How rare are your Pokemon cards? Our guide will explain it to you

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How rare are your Pokemon cards? Our guide will explain it to you

In order to find out how rare Pokemon cards are, there are different rarity levels that appear either more frequently or less frequently in a booster pack. With this guide, we'll explain how you can recognize which rarity level and thus also how rare your Pokemon cards are.

Die Basics

In general, Pokemon cards are divided into so-called Common, Uncommon and Rare cards. Depending on the set, however, rare cards can still be divided into different subcategories.

The different rarity levels of Pokemon cards explained

1. Common cards (diverse maps)

As the name suggests, these cards are the most common in a set and are therefore drawn most often. You can recognize them by a small circle that is present at the bottom left of a Pokemon card.

2. Uncommon maps (less common maps)

Uncommon cards are slightly less common than Common Pokemon cards, but are still quite common in proportion. Most of the time, such cards are Trainer/or Phase-1 cards. You can recognize them by a small diamond symbol in the lower left corner of Pokemon cards.

3. Rare Cards

Rare cards are rarer than uncommon and common cards and can occur as both holo cards and non-holo cards.

Common, Uncommon and Rare cards can also appear as reverse cards.

4. Ultra Rare Cards

Ultra Rare cards are even rarer than Rare cards and do not appear in every booster pack. You can recognize them by a small, silver star symbol in the lower left corner of Pokemon cards.

However, the cards also differ in the general design, because now the image of a card is transferred to the complete card, which is why they are now also called full art cards.

Sometimes Ultra Rare cards can also be recognized by the fact that their number is larger than the actual set number, e.g. B. 333/300.

Lastly, their designation differs, depending on the era, and makes them easily recognizable. There are e.g. V, VMAX, GX or EX cards.

5. Amazing Rare Cards

This particular species was introduced with the Japanese set Legendary Heartbeat and only existed until the Shining Destiny set.

However, they are easily recognizable by their special effect and the name on the lower left side of the Pokemon cards.

6. Trainer Gallery Cards or CHR Cards

Trainer Gallery Tickets or CHR cards on Japanese sets were first introduced in late 2021 with the Japanese set VMAX Climax. They are designed as full art and always show a trainer with a Pokemon on it. So they are quite easy to recognize. In the boosters, you can lie on the reverse holo slot.

7. CSR Cards

CSR cards are very similar to the CHR cards, but these are rarer here because they only appear 1x in a Japanese display.

Internationally, such cards are Ultra Rare cards, but as a Trainer Gallery card.

8. Radiant Pokemon Cards

Radiant Pokemon cards or Kagayaku Pokemon cards in Japanese are special dazzling cards introduced with the Japanese set Battle Region. In Japanese, you can recognize them by a K in the lower left corner and internationally by the fact that there is a silver star symbol and a special foil effect at the bottom left.

9. Rainbow Rare Maps

They were introduced in the Sun & Moon era and are clearly recognizable by their rainbow look, among other things. Therefore, they come particularly frequently, e.g. in the following sets: Night in Flames, Ultra Prism, Worlds in Transition, Flaming Darkness, Dragon Walk and Silver Storm Winds.

10. Shiny Vault Maps

They were introduced with the Japanese set GX Ultra Shiny, they have a special holo effect and always treat dazzling Pokemon. At the bottom left you also have a number that identifies you.

11. Prism Pokemon Cards

Prism cards were introduced during the Sun & Moon era. In the card list, you will be marked with a P. The P always stood for so-called Primus cards from the HeartGold & Soul Silver era. You can clearly recognize them by a holographic prism in the center of their image.

12. Secret Rare Cards

These cards are the rarest of all. Depending on the set, there are different variations. Like all rare cards, they have some corrugation and a higher number than the set number.

It can be e.g. B. Gold Cards, Special Cards or Alternative Artwork Cards Be Secret Rare Cards. As a rule, they are abbreviated with an S or SR.

13. Special Art Rare & Art Rare Karting

These cards were introduced with the latest Japanese set, VSTAR Universe.

Special Art Rare cards are available 1x per display and are internationally equivalent to Secret Rare cards.

AR cards are available 3x in every display and internationally as common as trainer gallery cards.

14. Promo Cards

Such cards are not regularly available in pokemon booster packs, but only e.g. at special events, boxes or occasions as a promo.

You can recognize them by the fact that the inscription PROMO is applied at the bottom left or sometimes on the right and is also present in a small star.


As you could see, there are now numerous rarity levels in Pokemon cards and with them an incredible number of different card types themselves. We hope that you now know better about your maps and that this guide has been helpful to you.

Your opinion is needed

But what do you think about all the card types? Have there become too many in the meantime or do you enjoy collecting new versions all the time? Feel free to write us your opinion here in the comments, we would be happy.

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