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Nevertheless, this card is and remains one of the coolest equipment spell cards ever, which should still not be underestimated! Harpyien-Flederwisch

Only instead of monsters destroys all spell/trap cards on the field of the opponent.

So you could destroythe entire field of the opponent with both cards. We don't need to tell you that this effect was too strong, especially back then. However, Harpy Bat is still a very strong and now limited to 1 card, which can be seen in some decks or at least Side Decks. Elegant benefactor

Draw 3 cards and then discard 2 cards! This effect was already too good at the time. Today it would be absolutely unfair, as there are far too many cards that activate their effects as soon as they are dropped into the graveyard. So you would draw 3 cards and trigger effects as a bonus.

So we don't even need to mention here that this card is still banned today, and hopefully this will never change again! For only 1000 lousy life points, discard 2 cards from the opponent's hand.

Yes, that's exactly the effect of this map.

Far too strong, then just as it is now. Criminal duo is still banned today, and this will probably and hopefully never change again! The last 2 prohibited cards in this list are trap cards.

Imperial Order, a Permanent Trap Map that urgently needed to go! As long as this card is face-up on the field, all spell effects on the field will be cancelled. The only cost: In each standby phase, 700 life points count. Spell cards are just too important in far too many decks. They were then, and they still are today. So such a card[0127511 0127510] really shouldn't exist, and that's exactly why it's still banned now.

Spiegelkraft Now we are already at the 13.

and so arrived with last banned card from the first Banlist Konamis!

Spiegelkraft, the second and last trap card of this list was not spared by Konami at that time either. This strong trap, which is also one of the best trap cards by Yami Yugi from the anime, destroys all of the opponent's monsters in attack position. You can only activate it when an enemy monster attacks0127511]. So similar to Raigeki, only as a trap. We can well understand that Konami banned this card 0127510 at the time 0127511. Today it's not even limited, and is hardly seen at all, which we honestly think is a shame. In the end, a Banlist is about bringing balance into the game or .

to restore them.

Because when such powerful cards and/or combinations exist, the fun of the game goes downhill very quickly. The whole thing is no longer really fair. Therefore, such banlists are extremely important, and need to be updated every few months so that the [0127511 0127510] game can be balanced as best it can.

God of Cards: Chaos-Imperatordrache Kartenbild

But we still have a topic! Because banning or limiting cards is actually not the only method to bring balance into the game! Here we introduce you to the last method. Wrong

So we're ending this blog with the same map image that we started it with. Chaos Emperor Dragon - Messenger of the End. But why are we doing this? As we mentioned at the very beginning, this dragon was one of the main reasons for Konami to start banning .

We have explained to you how strong and unfair this card is and would still be today, but Konami has found a way to allow such cards again! Hold on tight if you didn't know, because this card is now allowed and not even limited!! But how can this be? It's too strong!

Well, it's not anymore, because Konami simply changed the effect of the map.

This method is called "Errata". This means that Konami the effect texts of the cards, which 0127511 an incredibly strong/unfair effect, have changed something, and the matter is settled. In this case, the entire effect of this map has remained the same, only Konami has added a huge disadvantage. In the turn in which you activate the effect of this card, you may not activate other cards or other effects.

God of Cards: Yugioh Yata-Garasu Kartenbild

So the effect of Chaos Emperor Dragon must be the ONLY effect that you activate in this turn.

This change has made this once incredibly powerful monster more or less unusable. Especially now that the game is so advanced, you can't afford to have only one effect or []effect[] or [] effect[] to activate a card. Chaos Emperor Dragon hasn't been seen in any 0127510] deck since. In fact, there are also 2 other cards in this list, which are also not even limited because they have received an "errata".

God of Cards: Sangan Yugioh Kartenbild

These are Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest.

In both cases, the disadvantage has been added that you are not allowed to activate the effect of the monster, which you have taken from the deck to the hand by the effect of Sangan or the witch from the deck to the hand. In contrast to the Emperor Dragon, however, they are both still relatively playable. Especially Sangan can be seen in one or the other deck from time to time, but this is also relatively rarely the case. ➡️ Conclusion on Yugioh Bannlisten Summarized as a short conclusion: Yugioh ban lists are there to weaken or even eliminate cards that are too strong for the duels and basically make them unplayable.

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God of Cards: Harpyien-Flederwisch Yugioh Kartenbild

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Criminal duo

Just like that!

God of Cards: Verbrecher-Duo Yugioh Kartenbild

Imperial Order

God of Cards:Kaiserlicher Befehl Yugioh Kartenbild

God of Cards: Spiegelkraft Yugioh Kartenbild

God of Cards: Yugioh Chaos-Imperatordrache Kartenbild


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