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Dark World Structure Deck Reloaded

Finally the time has come! Konami Announced this to us several months ago Dark World Structure Deck Finally indulged! The deck includes some important Dark World Reprints . But that's not the special thing, because Konami Has us with this new Structure Deck Total 8 Completely new and Exclusive In this Structure Deck Available Dark World Cards given! With these cards he has Archetype Now very good chances to get involved again!

(Each of the 8 new cards Is ever 1x Pro Structure Deck Included. In order to build the deck optimally, we recommend it to you so that 3x Structure Deck To get it!)

The big surprise

That we're with this new Structure Deck New and strong Dark World Cards could be expected was clear to us, but Konami Had a nice surprise for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community . Because with this Structure Deck We have the first and therefore only at the moment Dark World Fusion Monster Receive! But this monster impresses not only with its beautiful Artwork But also with his incomparable Effect And ATK Value!

Grapha, dragon overlord of the dark world

(Ultra Rare)

There it is already! The new and currently only Dark World Fusion Monster ! We feel that this is the strongest card among the 8 new cards Is, because once per turn of each player, this monster can stop the activation of a monster effect, a normal magic card or a normal trap card with a lot of style.

It ensures that the said effect is completely changed. No matter what effect the activated card actually has, the effect becomes: "Your opponent drops 1 card" . So this powerful effect stops an opponent's card and triggers all two effects of one at the same time Dark World Monsters That you then throw off your hand. So both stop the opponent in one fell swoop and trigger several effects on your own side!

God of Cards: Yugioh Grapha Kartenbild

Genta, goalkeeper of the dark world

(Super Rare)

Probably the best new Dark World Monster For the Main Deck Is Genta ! You definitely want this card 3 Once in your Dark World Play deck. You can Genta Throw it off your hand at any time Dark World Playing Field Magic Card: " The gates of the dark world "From the deck to the hand.

With the Playing field magic card You can then also directly Genta From the cemetery to remove a Dark World Monster To throw off your hand and draw a card. As if that weren't good enough, of course it also triggers Effect Of the dropped Dark World Monsters .

But that's not it! Genta Namely has another Effect ! If Genta Is removed from the game, he comes straight to the field! So you can only with Genta Alone the Playing field magic card From the deck on the hand, take a Dark World Throw off monsters whose effect trigger, draw a card and additionally Genta Still summon to the field. This is a really incredibly strong one" One Card Combo ".

God of Cards: Yugioh Genta Kartenbild

Reign-Beaux, Head King of the Dark World

(Ultra Rare)

The next map on the list is Reign-Beaux . This card is also very popular 3x In the Dark World Decks Played. Reign-Beaux Can be summoned from the cemetery to the field at any time by 1 Dark World Monster Of level 7 or lower from his side of the playing field to the hand. The main reason for you like to play this card 3 times is your 2. Effect .

If Reign-Beaux Namely is thrown from the hand to the cemetery, he adds another Dark World Monster To level 5 or higher from the deck to the hand. Probably the most popular destinations for this Effect Are" Grapha, dragon ruler of the dark world "And" Sillva, warlord of the dark world T ".

Whereby the goal in most cases rather Sillva Will be, because if you can do it Sillva Best to throw off the hand on the first move in such a way that it is thrown off by the effect of an opponent's card (which you can in principle force if you have the right cards in your hand), then the opponent has to do 2 of his hand cards under his deck! Under the right circumstances, this can even be repeated in the same move, so that the opponent hardly has any cards left to play in his hand!

God of Cards: Reign-Beaux Yugioh Kartenbild

Parl, Hermit of the Dark World

(Super Rare)

Parl Is the last new Dark World Monster On our list. Parl You can see in the current Deck Lists Rather only 1 times per deck. Some even do without it entirely Parl . We want to be here Parl But don't talk badly, because it also has a very good effect, which, among other things, can ensure Ceruli To summon the opponent's side of the field. Ceruli Would then make sure that you yourself Dark World Monster Throws off the hand, so Both His Effects To activate.

God of Cards: Parl Yugioh Kartenbild

Taking office of the dark world

(Ultra Rare)

Then it would already be with the first new Dark World Magic Card . This magic card is probably the best among the new Dark World Magic/trap cards . You might even think she was the best Dark World Magic Card Ever! Taking office of the dark world Is the exclusive Fusion magic card Of the creatures from the Dark world .

What makes this card special again is the fact that it is a Quick Magic Card Is. But the craziest thing about this card is that you Dark World Monster That you then use with this card of your hand as fusion material to create the incredibly strong Dark World Fusion Monster " Grapha" To summon as throw off material to the cemetery!

That means you're the new Dark World Fusion monster Conjures up, and at the same time the effects of Dark World Monster Triggered in the cemetery. Something like that before Yu-Gi-Oh! Never given!

But another Bonus Even brings the card with it! You can take this card back in your hand from the cemetery, and then another Dark World Monster Throw it off! How strong is this card, please?

God of Cards: Amtsantritt Yugioh Kartenbild

Dark world puppetry

(Ultra Rare)

Another New quick magic card For Dark World ! But above all, this card is good for disturbing the opponent. With this card you can even the currently most powerful deck (Tier 0) " Tearlaments "Really annoying! She allows you to 3 cards To choose in any cemeteries in order to then ban them, and as a bonus you throw 1 underworld monster Off the hand!

Due to the 2. The effect of this card can even make sense to ban one of your own monsters in the cemetery, because in your next play you can remove this card from the cemetery to one of your exiled Underworld Monster To take a hand.

God of Cards: Puppenspielerei der finsteren Welt Yugioh Kartenbild

Archives of the Dark World

(Ultra Rare)

And we're already at the penultimate New dark world map . Archives of the Dark World Is the 2. Permanent magic card By Dark World . In her Artwork Is actually the only other Dark Worlds permanent magic card Pictured ( Magic book of the dark world ).

But let's get to the Powerful effect Of this card: Archives of the Dark World Allows you 1 times per turn during your main phase 1 Underworld Monster To throw off. Then all receive Dark World Monster Which one controls 100 ATK x of the step of the dropped monster.

You Second effect But then comes immediately afterwards, and is significantly stronger than that First effect . If namely a Underworld Monster From your hand by the effect of a Dark World Card or the effect of an opposing card is thrown off, this card allows you to throw another card directly and draw 2 cards as a fat bonus. You can tell again how incredibly strong the cards are these days.

God of Cards: Archive der finsteren Welt Yugioh Kartenbild

Punishment of the dark world

(Super Rare)

The last New dark world map In our list is simultaneously the only one Counter-trap card , The Dark World Has to offer. Punishment of the Dark World Negates the summoning of a monster, destroys it, and then throws in Underworld Monster Off your hand. In addition, she can be one of yours once Dark World Monster Protect against destruction by banning this map from the cemetery.

God of Cards: Bestrafung der finsteren Welt Yugioh Kartenbild

Those were the 8 new ones, sometimes unbelievable Strong dark world cards . Finally, we have the one for you Reprints From this Structure Deck Listed.

• Reign-Beaux, Lord of the Dark World

• Lucent, Lower Ruler of the Dark World

• Latinum, Exarch of the Dark World

• Goldd, Wu-Prince of the Dark World

• Sillva, warlord of the dark world

• Brron, Crazy King of the Dark World

• Beiige, front-line fighters of the Dark World

• Broww, Hunter of the Dark World

• Scarr, scout of the dark world

• Kahkki, guerrilla of the dark world

• Gren, Tactician of the Dark World

• Ceruli, Guru of the Dark World

• Zure, Knight of the Dark World

• Renge, gatekeeper of the dark world

• Danger! Bigfoot!

• Danger! Thunderbird!

• Danger! Moth man!

• Danger!? Tsuchinoko?

• Lilith, Lady of Lamentation

• Fabious raven

• Absolute King Jet Jack

• Business with the Dark World

• Rush in a dark world

• Access to the Dark World

• Thunderstorms of the Dark World

• Pull down into the grave

• Card destruction

• The forces of darkness

• Dark World brainwashing

• Dark fog

• Degradation of mind

• Deck devastation virus

• Paleozoic dino mischus

• Rob forces

• Grapha, Dragon Ruler of the Dark World

• Snoww, inlight of the dark world

• The Gates of the Dark World

➡️ Conclusion

We can do this Structure Deck Really strongly recommend! You would only have to buy it 3x, and otherwise only buy a few tickets separately to Competitive yugioh deck To create. So you would have a really strong, Meta-relevant budget deck Which really has the chance to beat every other deck!

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