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God of Cards: Pokemon Dragons Majesty Booster Englisch Produktbild
Royal Pokémon with claws and wings float over an ever-changing world in the expansion pack Pokémon TCG: Dragon Majesty! Beware of the Dragon Majesty Collection, which spawned a host of relentless Pokémon: Reshiram-GX, Brutalanda-GX, Dragonite-GX and more than a dozen others, including Charizard! Dragon-type Pokémon are much appreciated by trainers for their control of fire and air and their dominance in battle. Get ready to reach the peak of success with these amazing and challenging Pokémon from the Dragon Majesty special expansion pack! The Dragon Majesty expansion aims to bring new possibilities to the Pokémon trading card game like never before, with more Prisma Star cards and Pokémon GX all around you. Dragon Majesty Booster Packs are not sold separately. You can find them in special collections.
The Dragon Majesty expansion pack of the Pokémon trading card game includes: More than 70 cards! More than 20 Dragon Pokémon! 6 Pokémon GX! 2 prism star cards! 6 cards with oversized illustrations! The full expansion Dragon Majesty will also be playable in Pokémon TCG: Online when the first product is released on 7. September 2018 will be launched.