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Now it will be extremely dangerous for your opponents! With the new XY Sea of Flames Pokémon collectible card game expansion, you'll overwhelm your opponents on your way to victory with scorching heat! Unleash unimaginable fire with an army of fire Pokémon and burn your opponent's fingers in scorching heat. Mega Glurak-EX's fiery apparition then sends them away for good as powerful new Pokémon glitter before their eyes! The Pokémon TCG: Sea of Flames expansion contains over 100 cards, including five new Pokémon-EX and three new Mega Development Pokémon. Theme decks and boosters are from the 7th May 2014 available in the shop!
Features of the Pokémon collectible card game expansion XY Sea of Flames: New Mega Development Pokémon: The expansion includes two powerful Mega Glurak EX specimens (one dragon and one fire) and more. Five new Pokémon EX cards: Glurak-EX is at the forefront of the powerful new Pokémon EX! New Pokémon: More than 25 Pokémon from the video games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y appear in the XY Sea of Flames expansion pack. 15 new coach cards: New items, support and stadium cards add more excitement and a new strategic approach in combat. The full XY Sea of Flames expansion package will be on www.pokemon.de/tcgo Be available for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! In addition, each theme deck and booster pack in the XY Sea of Flames Expansion Pack includes a code card that can be used to unlock virtual maps in the XY Sea of Flames Expansion Pack for your online collection.