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Get in the ring and send your opponents into the air with the Pokémon TCG: XY - Furious Fists expansion pack! Get ready for a superlative competition with Mega Lucario-EX and Mega Heracross-EX! As the battlefield slowly but surely turns into a cauldron, a horde of TCG-prioritized Pokémon enters the scene, which is absolutely out for your victory. Plus, you'll put the finishing touches on your battle Pokémon, backed by brand new trainer cards, and you'll be the star of the arena, while your opponents will only see starlets!
In the XY Flying Fistle Expansion Pack, even more incredible Mega Development Pokémon enter the scene to give your deck extra punch and a strategic edge. The fight type Mega Lucario-EX with his punch attack and the grass type Mega Heracross-EX with his Big Bang horn attack are just two of the many Pokémon that can help you win. The number of super-strong Pokémon EX has increased again this time! Dragonite-EX and Hawlucha-EX are two of the Pokémon-EX that allow you to change the game as soon as you get into the game. Of course, all Mega Development Pokémon are also Pokémon-EX, which is a big part of the benefits of these fantastic cards!
Give your deck a new look. The large number of Combat Pokémon in the latest expansion pack makes it possible! Pokémon like Machamp, Tyrantrum and Hariyama are an important cornerstone of success. With the Battle Hall trainer card and power-energy special energy, you can unleash these Pokémon to their full potential! The right combination of new battle Pokémon and trainer cards can give you an early victory over your next opponent. The XY - Furious Fists Expansion Pack will be released on 13. August 2014 be available in the store!