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The final battle in the Einall region has begun: Face new challenges and exciting Pokémon duels in the Pokémon collection card game expansion Black & White-Plasma Blaster! Compete against Viridium-EX and join the combined forces of Dialga-EX and Palkia-EX to take revenge on Team Plasma's battered troops as they prepare for the final battle. When victory seems within reach, your martial arts are put to the test again: The powerful, mystical Genesect-EX enters the field and carries the all-powerful and devastating ACE CLASS trainer cards in his luggage, which equip him with additional attacks. Time to see if you have what it takes to win, coach!
You can also play the full Black & White Plasma Blaster extension in the Pokémon Trading Card online game! In booster packs and theme decks you will find code cards that can be redeemed for Black & White Plasma Blaster cards!