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A powerful Pokémon was born from ancient times and it is said that it created the Pokémon world! From the 4th On November 1, 2009, trainers around the world can harness the terrifying power of the new Legendary Alpha Pokémon Arceus with the Pokémon collectible card game Platinum expansion Arceus. The many types of energy of Arceus (fire, lightning, grass) subject enemies to a barrage of fantastic new attacks. The new Arceus expansion pack for the Pokémon trading card game Platinum with over 100 cards will be released nationwide on 4. November 2009 will be available.
Content of the new Pokémon TCG: Platinum - Arceus Expansion Pack: New Alpha Pokémon Arceus. Collect multiple versions of Arceus-one for each type of power! Discover new Pokémon L V.X including 3 Arceus L V.X! Fantastic Fossil! Platinum - Arceus is reunited with Fossil training cards Old Amber (89/99), Dome (92/99) and Spiral (93/99). These cards are part coach, part Pokémon and offer more play options. In addition, with these fossils, the development of great Pokémon like Aerodactyl and Kabutops begins!
It's all about Arceus!
The Platinum-Arceus expansion doesn't bear its name for nothing: The Alpha Pokémon just pops up everywhere! There are nine basic Arceus, one per energy type, each with its own attacks. Also, there are three Arceus L V.X that can develop any of the basic Arceus. Add to that special Arceus stadium and trainer cards to round out a comprehensive Arceus deck!
Lots of Gengar!
Gengar is a very popular Pokémon among collectible card game players. Therefore, Platinum-Arceus contains a complete set of Gengar with precursors! The extension includes Nebulak, two variants of Alpollo and two different Gengar. And as soon as a gengar is involved, coaches can also play the terrible Gengar LV.X Pull out! With diverse combinations, putting together a strong and flexible deck has never been easier!