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Pokémon Collectible Card Game Platinum - Rising Rivals introduces new battle types you 've never seen before, such as Trainer vs. Trainer and Pokémon vs. Pokémon. Are you ready? The latest addition to the best-selling Pokémon TCG includes over 110 cards and new Pokémon SP and new Pokémon L V.X, including Luxray and Gallade. Plasma Pokémon Rotom can now be collected in five different forms! Platinum - Rising Rivals features new coach cards, game options, and some of the most amazing Pokémon ever created that will help you crack the top 4 and unleash your top trainers! Watch the brand new Pokémon SP Discover the mighty new Pokémon L V.X Collect five different forms of Rotom: Washed Rotom, Wirbelting Rotom, Frozen Rotom, Cut Rotom, and Heated Rotom.
New Pokémon SP brings more vitality. With over 30 Pokémon SP included in this set, your possibilities are endless. Team Galactic Pokémon returns with cards like Darkrai (3/111). However, a whole new type of Pokémon SP is also part of the game! You can fight against Arenalleiter Pokémon like Lucario (8/111) or even Pokémon that are among the top four members! Scizor (48/111) was trained by Benedikt himself from the top 4!
Loads of Pokémon L V.X The power of nine new Pokémon L V.X is at your disposal! Use Snorlax L V.X (111/111) to get a new card with the Hunger Poké power. These cards are then used to allow Snorlax L V.X to resume physical activity when it wakes up. Of course, Gym Masters also have their own L V.X Pokémon, such as. B. Floatzel L V.X (104/111), which can continue the game even after the elimination of the Water Pokémon! Infernape L V.X (108/111) also proves that the top four offer the best training. Too much Pokémon L V.X hurts you? Then fight fire with fire and use the aggressive attack (105/111) by Flygon L V.X to bring them down-even from the bench!
Discover the secrets of Rotom! The mysterious plasma Pokémon Rotom can be found in a special subset of cards in Rising Rivals. Each Rotom can change its type and adapt to its own form, such as. The water type of Rotom Frost (RT2). Rotom poses a double threat to your opponent's weaknesses: Hot Rotom (RT3) can both charge your Fire Pokémon and burn your opponent's Pokémon. With the power of Charon's Pick (RT6), you throw your opponents off track. Get Rising Rivals action in the form of boosters from your local dealer or from the fantastic DrillPoint and Cutting Edge themed decks!