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Take off with the Pokémon TCG expansion XY—Roaring Skies! Is everything ready? Higher, faster, further with over 100 new cards, including 4 new mega-development Pokémon and 7 new Pokémon-EX. From the depths of time, Mega Rayquaza-EX catapults itself into the present, while Mega Latios-EX joins a horde of dragon Pokémon in battle. The expansion of the XY-Roaring Skies Pokémon TCG, features Deoxys, Dragonite, Zekrom, Hydreigon-EX, and Thundurus-EX as true masters. The sky is the limit in the XY Dragon Lights expansion, thanks to the boost of the new Mega Turbo Training Cards and Double Dragon Power Cards!
XY - Roaring Skies expansion includes: Over 100 new maps to collect and use! 11 new Pokémon EXs including 4 new Mega Evolved Pokémons and 9 ultra-high Pokémon EX cards with oversized graphics! 16 trainer cards, including 2 ultra-light cards and a new special power card, add a new dimension to the Pokémon trading card game and offer players new tactical options! 2 new theme decks to introduce the Pokémon trading card game to players! Code cards in themed decks and booster packs to unlock digital cards from the XY—Roaring Skies expansion to play Pokémon TCG Online! The XY – Roaring Skies Expansion Pack will be released on April 20. May 2015 be available in the store.