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The Pokemon Trading Card Game Black & White-Oversized Threshold Expansion Pack opens a new dimension for your battle journey! Get ready for powerful combinations of new Pokémon EX, including emerging Pokémon Black Kyurem EX and White Kyurem EX. The Schwarz & Weiss-Overlooked Threshold Expansion Pack also includes four never-before-seen powerful ACE CLASS training cards, so destructive that you can only get one into battle! Join the Black and White Expansion Pack for the first time with exclusive Pokémon from the recently released video games Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2!
A new and powerful Coach Card debuts in the expansion pack “Black & White-Overcrossed Thresholds”: the ACE CLASS Coach Card! The impact of these cards is so devastating that you can only have one in your deck. That's right-you can only use one ACE CLASS trainer card in your deck. So you need to think carefully about which of the new ACE CLASS training cards best suits your deck! You can also play the full Black and White Expansion in the Pokémon Collectible Card Game Online!