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The best trainers are those who go into battle without fear. In the Pokémon TCG: HS—Intrepid expansion, you'll find battle-ready Pokémon waiting to be awakened by your fearless Trainer! The mighty Rayquaza and Deoxys became Pokémon legends to be reckoned with. Pokémon Prime will be joined by six other Pokémon such as Raichu, Nachtara and Laschoking. Stadium cards such as Alpha Ruins and Trainer cards such as Legendary Chest change the strategy of all players. Are you ready, are you fearless?
The new HS Intrepid expansion pack for the Pokémon TCG HS with 90 cards is available nationwide. What the new Pokémon TCG expansion HS Intrepid brings: Transparent windows in the new themed deck packaging allow you to see the first card in each deck. Introducing new dawn and dusk-themed decks with bonus boosters! Rare and Legendary Pokémon pairings: Kyogre & Groudon and Rayquaza & Deoxys! New Pokémon Prime cards, including Dogmon and Sherox!
Revolutionary development! Are you ready to break new ground with Eevee and its many evolutions? You'll find almost every evolution of Eevee here—even Psiana (2/90) with the Sun Hint move, which allows you to place up to 4 damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon at will. Psiana Primus (81/90) shouldn't be underestimated either: With Poké-Body Evolution Memories, you can use the moves of all in-game Pokémon that evolved from Eevee! Choose the right attack for every situation!
The legend is alive! Two more pairs of Pokémon LEGENDS in HS are at your service – Undaunted: First, Kyogre and Groudon LEGENDS (87/90 and 88/90) take the stage with two powerful attacks from water or fire decks. Not to be outdone, Rayquaza & Deoxy's LEGEND (89/90 and 90/90) and in addition to powerful blows can also get additional prize cards! Discover the many possibilities that these great Pokémon LEGENDS have to offer!
Legendary support! Pokémon LEGENDS are very powerful, but unfortunately not easy to play. Luckily, HS Undaunt has some great support and trainer cards. If you find two halves of a Pokémon Legends card there, you can put them directly into your bank. You can even attach any number of Power Cards that will also reveal Pokémon LEGENDS! Then there's the Sage's Training (77/90) supporter card, which allows you to view the top 5 cards in your deck and keep 2 of them. However, you have to put the other 3 cards on the discard pile. That's no small price to pay, but don't forget: training a sage is worth it if you want to get your Pokémon LEGEND up and running quickly!