Pokemon Sword & Shield Ends | A look back at a grandiose era

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Ends | A look back at a grandiose era

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We are currently expecting the last official Pokemon set of the Sword & Shield Zenith of Kings era, heralding the end of a wonderful era.

If you are interested in Zenith of Kings, feel free to click here. We have also written a great article on the Japanese equivalent, feel free to check it out here.

In this article we want to give you a brief review of this grandiose era and summarize the most important things for you.

The beginning with the basic set of Sword & Shield

The 8. Generation of new Pokémon arrived in the Pokémon TCG. After record sales on the Nintendo Switch, Sword & Shield brought many changes and exciting new Pokémon. Originally, released in Japan in early December 2019 as Dual Sets Sword (s1W) and Shield (s1H), the set officially arrived on 7. February 2020 in stores internationally.

Since a new cycle of sets always does the best to keep up with the latest Pokémon from new regions, the designers at the Pokemon Company had to come up with new special variants for a higher power level for Sword & Shield. The translation of the Dynamax and Gigadynamax mechanics from the video games thus produced Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX. Pokemon V no longer have a one-time finisher, but can still bring higher HP and impressive attacks for the price of 2 prize cards per knockout. In addition, they have a distinctive design with an all-black border. In addition, these Pokemon can evolve one more level once they transform into their Full Art VMAX Form.

The Sword & Shield Base Set is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Relaxo VMAX
Relaxo V

The Second Set of the Era & the Outbreak of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the world of trading card games, including the Pokémon TCG.

Thankfully, the Pokémon Company wasn't hit that hard, at least as far as international releases were concerned, so new sets continued to be produced during these difficult times.

So it happened that despite the outbreak of the global pandemic, the latest set of the Sword & Shield era was released. It was called Clash of the Rebels and launched more VMAX and V Pokemon cards.

Due to COVID-19 and the hip isolation of many around the world, Pokemon became more and more popular as a hobby and so the general enthusiasm for this set grew, as it was brand new.

Clash of the Rebels is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Befehl vom Boss DIE teuerste Karte
Clash der Rebellen Booster

Flaming Darkness, Way of the Champ & Color Shock | The top of the Pokemon hype

One of the biggest American influencers, named Logan Paul discovered the Pokemon TCG as a hobby for himself through COVID-19 and shared it with his numerous fans worldwide.

This led, among other things, to the fact that here in Germany, too, e.g. The Youtuber "Trymacs" caused a real Pokemon hype and numerous products were either completely sold out or overpriced.

The focus was currently on the latest sets at the time, Flaming Darkness, Path of the Champ and Color Shock. In Flaming Darkness there was the Charizard VMAX the Chase card, in Way of the Champ there were 2 more Charizard cards. Once a dazzling Charizard V and a Rainbow Rare Charizard VMAX. In Color Shock, it was again the incredible Rainbow Rare Pikachu. "Trymacs" invested, for example. over approx. €12,000 in color shock, only to draw the Pikachu card yourself (according to your own statements).

Color Shock, Path of the Champ & Flaming Darkness is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, feel free to click here for Color Shock, here for Path of the Champ and simply here for Flaming Darkness.

Flammende Finsternis Booster
Farbenschock Booster

Shiny Pokémon in Shining Destiny

On 01.03.2021 a "Special Set" of the Sword & Shield era was launched. Shiny Fate offered an immense number of 0127514 dazzling Pokemon cards in their own subset. The hype was still there and so this set was hardly available at first and if it was, it was often overpriced. As a result of this and because of the beginning of the easing of restrictions. However, COVID-19 gradually flattened out the peak phase of the Pokémon hype and so prices increasingly calmed down.

The absolute highlight was, besides all the dazzling Pokemon, but definitely a dazzling Charizard VMAX.

Glänzendes Schicksal Booster
Schillerndes Glurak VMAX

Fighting Styles, Declining Hype & First Alternative Artwork Cards

The next set of Fighting Styles finally marked the decline of the absolute Pokemon hype, but provided the very first alternative artwork cards, which looked incredible and still leave the set positively in the memory.

Fighting styles are currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Fließender Angriff Wulaoso VMAX AA
Despotar V AA

Dragon Walk | Perhaps the best set of the Sword & Shield era

After Fighting Styles, the set Scary Domination was released, this set was also able to score with great alternative artwork cards. However, it went down completely because of his successor. Dragon Change delivered everything a collector's heart desires. There were numerous alternative artwork cards. But here from many fan favorites, e.g. B. of all the evolutions of Eevee. But other Pokémon such as e.g. For example, the legendary dragon Rayquaza or the popular Pokemon Dragoran received alternative artwork cards.

All in all, this set had incredibly much to offer and, unlike its predecessor Scary Reign, remains unforgotten to this day.

Nachtara V AA DIE Chase Karte
Drachenwandel Booster

25 Years of Pokemon | The Celebrations Anniversary Set

With the incredible Dragon Walk set, a Pokemon hype came up again, and with the upcoming anniversary of Pokemon and the associated anniversary set Celebrations, this was further strengthened.

So on 08.10.2021 the time had come. Celebrations was released and caused worldwide again sold-out department stores and exorbitant prices. The set scored particularly well because it included and reissued many iconic cards from 25 years of Pokémon. Of course, there were absolute fan favorites like Charizard, Pikachu or Mewtwo.

Celebrations Booster
Glurak Celebrations

Late 2021 and early 2022

The year 2021 ended with the quite good, but due to the sheer flood of new sets, rather mediocre performing set fusion attack. It also included alternative artwork cards, e.g. from Gengar or Psiana. But due to celebrations and Co. it unfortunately went down a bit.

However, the year 2022 started again extremely strongly. the set Radiant Stars was released and this one had Charizard as its mascot. The Pokémon got numerous cards there, but also other, very popular Pokémon such as Pokémon. Arceus or Nachtara got incredible cards there.

With the set, so-called Trainer Gallery Cards were also introduced for the first time, which allowed the set to perform even better.

Both sets are currently available at a reasonable price in the shop. For Fusion Attack, just click here and for Radiant Stars, just click here.

Fusionsangriff Booster
Strahlende Sterne

Astral Splendour | New Brilliant Pokemon & Awesome Alternative Artwork Cards

Astral Splendour appeared after Brilliant Stars and was overshadowed for a long time. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly beautiful and successful set from the Sword & Shield era, as it introduced 0127514Radiant Pokemon cards for the first time and also has numerous, beautiful alternative artwork cards.

Astralglanz is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Fusionsangriff Booster
Strahlende Sterne Booster

Pokemon GO | The next special set

Pokemon GO was a worldwide phenomenon and so, at the beginning of July 2022, in collaboration with the developer of the mobile game Niantic, the first Pokemon GO special set was released.

The aim was to introduce active Pokemon GO players to the Pokemon TCG and to bring active collectors closer to the mobile game.

Among other things, the set featured special 3D artwork and had other Radiant Pokemon cards, such as Pokémon Cards. the Radiant Charizard. However, the focus was on the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, i.e. very similar to the mobile game.

Pokemon GO is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Pokemon GO Booster
Mewtu V AA DIE Chase Karte

Lost Origin & Silver Stormwinds

Lost Origin & Silver Stormwinds were released consecutively in 2022 and each have 1 specific Pokemon as their theme.

The Lost Origin set is primarily about0127515] the fourth-generation Legendary Pokemon Giratina. It is represented with a V, VSTAR, Gold, Rainbow Rare card as well as an incredible alternative artwork card. In addition to Giratina, there are other fan favorites in the set 0127515, such as Gi 0127514 ratina. Mew & Pikachu, which among other things have their own special trainer gallery cards.

In the Silver Stormwinds set, on the other hand, the legendary Pokemon Lugia is in the foreground. It is represented here just as often as the Giratina in his set. But here is the first card of the trainer Serena as well as other great cards, e.g. B. Alternative artwork cards by Icognito or Regidrago.

So both sets are truly incredible and offer something for every collector.

Lost Origin is currently available at a reasonable price in the shop, just click here.

Giratina V AA
Lugia AA

Zenith of Kings | The last set of the Sword & Shield era

As of 20.01.2023, Zenith of Kings will officially herald the end of the Sword & Shield era, as it will be the last set of this time.

It will contain over 160 awesome cards, including a wonderful new Galar Gallery, new card types and exclusive Gold Cards. But if you are interested in the set in detail, please click here.

But this much can be said: The set ends the Sword & Shield era with a loud bang.

Zenit der Könige Booster


As you've probably learned, the Sword & Shield era had a lot to offer. Starting with V and VMAX Pokemon cards to great alternative artwork cards, there was a lot that was really great. We will remember the Sword & Shield era more than positively, that much is definitely already certain.

Your opinion is important to us

But what do you think of the Sword & Shield era as a whole? Did you enjoy the many sets and cards or did you not like the artwork at all and maybe you want to get back into it with the new Crimson & Purple TCG?

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