Top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from the Sword & Shield era

God of Cards: Pokemon

This card is not only a terrific success, but also incredibly valuable.

Currently, this card is just about € 500 Over the counter. Really incredible.

So that was her, ours Top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from the Sword & Shield era .

We personally did not think that so many evoli developments would be represented here.

We would have z.

B. firmly expected the iconic Rainbow Rare Pikachu VMAX from color shock, but unfortunately this card just failed in the top 10. Nevertheless, only grandiose cards are represented here, all of which would do super well in their own collection. We are definitely very satisfied and are already looking forward to the new, upcoming era of Karmesin & Purple and are very excited to see which cards there will be one Top 10 Will create. Your opinion is important to us

Folipurba VMAX AA

But what do you say about our top 10 list?

Would you have expected you 1:1 or are there some surprises for you too? Let us know here in the comments. We would be happy.

Glaziola VMAX AA

Gengar VMAX AA

Glurak V
Glurak VMAX Rainbow Rare

Glurak V AA

Lugia V AA

Psiana V AA

Rayquaza VMAX AA

Giratina V AA

Nachtara VMAX AA


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God of Cards: Pokemon
God of Cards: Pokemon

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