Part 2 of the series: "The rarest Pokemon products that exist"

God of Cards: Pokemon

The rarest Pokemon products - An overview

In this series we would like to introduce you to the rarest Pokemon products available. We will start with the latest products and gradually devote ourselves to older, rare products. Expect exceptional products, all of which are worth displaying in your personal collection.

Pokemon Japan Post Stamp Box Limited Collection

In collaboration between Japan Post and Pokemon, a Limited box Released by Japan Post, which includes pokemon-themed stamps and 2 very special pokemon cards. The two full art promo cards are inspired by famous Japanese artworks, 1948 " Beauty Looking Back "With Pikachu & 1949 " Geese Flying Across Full Moon "With Urgl. Both cards were by Mitsuhiro Arita Illustrated.

Pokemon Japan Post Stamp Box
Japan Post Stamp Box

The content of the Japan Post Stamp Box

  • 1x bow with real Japanese stamps
  • 10x Stamp motifs: 8 Pokemon cards (3 with holo effect) and 2 Japanese style cards from Pikachu and Urgl
  • 2x Full Art Promo Cards from Pikachu and Urgl
  • 3x stickers with Pikachu, Evoli and Glurak (size: approx. 11 x 13 cm)
  • 1x Pokemon TCG Family Box Set
Rayquaza VMAX AA

Yu Nagaba x Pokemon Card Game-Sword & Shield: Special Box

This box as well as the rare promo card of Pikachu were results of the collaboration between the Japanese artist Yu Nagaba And the Pokemon Company. The artist drew this special card especially for Pokemon and Pokemon paid tribute to Yu Nagaba with this box, which he was also allowed to design himself.

Promo Karte Pikachu
Yu Nagaba Box

Yu Nagaba x Pokemon Card Game-Sword & Shield: Special Box

  • 64 card cases
  • 1 Deck-Box
  • 1 Spielmatte
  • 1 card box
  • 1 Multi-Ring
  • 1 Reverse Holo Promo Card 208/S-P Pikachu

The Eagle Hereos Gym Box

In the course of the release of the extremely popular set Eevee Heroes Was End of May 2021 This special promo gym box In Japan Published. Today, almost 2 years after the release, it is already one of the Rarest pokemon products At all and Rises and rises In their value.

Eveee Hereos Gym Box

The content of the Eevee Hereos Gym Box

  • 2x Eevee Heroes display with a total of 60 boosters
  • 1x Espeon VMAX Promo Card
  • 1x Deck Cases/Sleeves
  • 1x Deck Box
  • 1x Storage Box

Aquana VMAX AA, Blitza VMAX AA & Flamara VMAX AA-Japanese

These 3 cards are international, so outside of Japan included in the popular Eevee VMAX collections as special promo cards. But in Japanese you could do it in 2021 Win only in a lottery . The cards were also very limited even then. You could only win all 3 together, because all came in one Special box In which they are protected. The cards already cost Several thousand euros .

The contents of the box

  • 1x Aquana VMAX AA
  • 1x Blind VMAX AA
  • 1x Flamara VMAX AA
Aquana, Blitza und Flamara VMAX AA

Die Kanazawa Box

To celebrate the opening of the Kanazawa Pokemon Center On 20/11/2020 Became an exclusive and during this period Rare pokemon promo box Available in this Pokemon Center in Japan. It contains quite a lot, from Special promo cards Up to Great booster packs Popular extensions of the Pokemon TCG. Nowadays the box is therefore relatively valuable and costs Already several hundred euros , She's also moving slowly direction 1000 € . An extremely rare Pokemon product.

Pikachu Promo Karte
Promo Box

The contents of the Kanazawa Box

  • Exclusive Kanazawa Pikachu Promo Card
  • Exclusive Sobble (Memmeon) Promo Card
  • Exclusive Milotic Promo Card
  • 64x exclusive card cases
  • 4x Shiny Star V Booster (Shining Fates)
  • 3x Rebellion Clash Booster (Rebel Clash)
  • 3x Explosive Walker Booster
  • 3x Mugen Zone Booster (Darkness Ablaze)
  • 3x Legendary Heartbeat Booster
  • 3x Shocking Volt Tackle Booster (Vivid Voltage)
Folipurba VMAX AA


So that was now Part 2 of the series: "The rarest Pokemon products that exist".

In the second part we are now on some of the Rarest pokemon products from 2021 And addressed a rare Pokemon product from 2020. It is noticeable that such rare products were only published in Japan and received limits there, which is why these products are then relatively expensive, especially from an international perspective. In the coming parts of this series, we will go into other products from older times, which, for example, are already available. Several hundred Or. Several thousand euros Cost. So definitely be curious about what else awaits you here. In the third part of this series, we will continue with rare products from 2020 and move towards 2019.

Your opinion is important to us

But what do you think about the rare Pokemon products presented? Have you all known them already or was it completely new territory? What do you think of this series? Do you have any special requests as to which special products should be treated next? Would like to write something in our comments, we would be happy.

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