Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from the Sun & Moon Era

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Top 10 from the Sun & Moon Era

In this top 10 list we present you the top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from the Sun and Moon era. There were definitely quite a few valuable Pokemon cards in the era, but what do you think which cards made it into our top 10?

So that was her, ours Top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from the Sword & Shield era .

We personally did not think that so many evoli developments would be represented here.

We would have z.

The Top 10 starts with the beautiful Rayquaza GX Rainbow Rare card from the Storm in the Sky set. The legendary dragon Pokemon is one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise. The menu starts at approx. 140€ an.

Folipurba VMAX AA

But what do you say about our top 10 list?

9th place in our top 10 goes to a trainer card, more precisely to Xenia Full Art from the set Sturm am Firmament. The card fetches around €012752 150.

Glaziola VMAX AA

8th place

8th place goes to the Tag Team GX card from Magikarp & Wailord from the set Teams are trumps. Magikarp is also an absolute fan favorite and is particularly unusually staged in this artwork with the whale Pokemon Wailord. The card is currently available for approx. 160€.

Gengar VMAX AA

7th place

7th place on our top 10 goes to the Rainbow Rare GX card from the legendary Pokemon Lugia. The card is available in the set Echo of Thunder and currently costs approx. 170€.

Folipurba VMAX AA

6th place

Sixth place on our Top 10 list is occupied by another Tag Team GX card. This time from Reshiram & Charizard GX Rainbow Rare. The card today is around 180€.

Glurak V AA

5th place

Place number 5 goes to Tag Team Guardevoir & Felinara GX from the set Forces in Harmony. It is currently approx. 200€. No wonder, because this card looks just incredible.

Lugia V AA

4th place

Just missing the podium, but still in a very strong 4th place on our top 10 list is Lilly Full Art from the Ultra Prisma set. It currently costs around €210 and perhaps it is surprising for some here that this card is so relatively high up, but that's the way it is. Some trainer cards are extremely popular.

Psiana V AA

3rd place

Bronze goes to Shiny Charizard GX from the Hidden Fate set, currently you can buy it for around 330€. An incredibly beautiful card, but also really valuable.

Rayquaza VMAX AA

2nd place

2nd place goes to Rainbow Rare Charizard GX from Night in Flames. The card goes for approx. 350€ gone.

Giratina V AA

1st place

The winner of our top 10 list is clear: Latias & Latios GX from Teams are trumps wins this top 10 by far. This map is not only magnificently well done, iconically illustrated, but also incredibly valuable. Currently, this card is sold for around 400€ alone. Truly incredible.

Nachtara VMAX AA


So there you have it, our Top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from the Sun & Moon era.

Personally, we didn't think that so many Tag Team GX cards would be represented here. We would have e.g. B. reckoned with more Rainbow Rare cards introduced in the era. The Magikarp & Wailord also surprised us in particular012753]. Nevertheless, there are really only terrifically good cards represented here, all of which would look super good in their own collection. We are definitely mega satisfied and think that the Sun & Moon era definitely had a lot to offer.

Your opinion is important to us

But what do you think about our top 10 list? Would you have expected it to be 1:1 or are there some surprises for you as well? Let us know in the comments. We would be delighted.

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