Emergency Yugioh Banlist TCG for the Meta November 2022

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The new "Emergency" Yugioh ban list for all active TCG players

It had been a long time since we had seen a single deck dominate the entire meta. However, this has actually been the case since the release of Magnificent Mavens! Because Tearlaments 012759 012758 in combination with the new Ishizu cards from the new set Magnificent Mavens dominate the Meta, and have thus reached the "Tier 0" status.

Already at the first big event after the release of Magnificent Mavens, 26 of the 32 top decks Tearlaments! It was clear to every player that this is now the best 012758 012759 deck in the current format. So it didn't take 2 weeks for the players to demand a so-called Emergency Banlist from Konami, because the next Yugioh Banlist was only planned in January.

Surprisingly, Konami has now actually published an Emergency Banlist, which will come into force from 1.12.22.

However, this banlist has frustrated rather than pleased players, as not a single Tearlaments card has been limited, let alone banned! Konami has shown a very peculiar strategy to mitigate tearlaments a bit. Let's take a look at the ban list !

1. Banned

Curious, Lightbound Ruler

Curious hasn't actually done much damage in the current format, but it's a card that can become a problem at any time and has often been a problem in the past. Konami has already taken them out of the game for the future.

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Mystical Mine

One of the most hated cards in the game! Mystical Mine has probably already made every Yugioh player despair. If you use this card correctly, the opponent can neither activate monster effects nor attack with his monsters! This basically means that the opponent can do absolutely nothing until he draws a spell card or trap card to get that card off the field. However, this is much more difficult nowadays than in the past, as you play more and more monsters that have extremely strong effects.

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Gamers from all over the world wanted to get rid of this card once and for all, and Konami has given the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community finally done that favor. However, this action also has a huge disadvantage, because Mystical Mine was one of the few cards that Tearlaments could more or less slow down!

2. Limited

A single card that was previously allowed 3 times was limited to 1 with this banlist! And this is actually the only map played in Tearlaments!

Herald of Orange Light

This card is extremely strong, especially in combination with the new Ishizu cards, and is therefore also often played in tearlaments. However, it is not a mandatory card. This means that the Tearlaments players with this limitation have only lost a nice bonus, and can therefore easily do without it. Because even before that, Herald of the Orange Light was not played by every Tearlament player.

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3. Semi Limited

Also in this "list" there is only one card, which was previously limited to 1 and can now be played 2 times! These are:

Lyric Song Bird Lecturer Star

Again, this change doesn't change the meta at the moment. However, it could be very exciting in the future, as the Lyrik monsters are often played together with Sta-Brigade and in the future "Sta-Brigade" will also get new cards! In any case, a nice move on the part of Konami.

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4. Unlimited

Saving the best for last! Now let's get to the best and craziest part of this banlist! Let's start with the 2 cards that make up the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! Community and are incredibly strong against Tearlaments!

Dimensionsriss & Macrocosm

And! Dimensional Rift and Macrocosm are Unlimited for the first time in a very, very long time! For many years, both cards were only allowed to be played 1 time in the deck, and not without reason! Because both maps basically ensure that there is no cemetery anymore! But why is this so good? It's simple: Tearlaments are incredibly strong, but they can't use their effects without a graveyard! Both the Tearlament cards and the Ishizu cards must first land in the graveyard!

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Dimensional Rift ensures that all monsters are removed from the game instead of ending up in the graveyard.

Macrocosm makes it even better! Because as long as Macro is lying, in addition to the monsters, Spell Cards/Trap Cards will also be removed from the game! Only one of the two cards is enough to paralyze Tearlaments.

With these 2 cards it will be very exciting again in the future. Because one thing is certain: As long as Tearlaments is on top, many players will play these 2 anti cards! So now the Tearlaments players have to get creative too, and make some sacrifices!

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This is because they will need multiple cards in their Main Deck, which they can use to destroy spell cards or trap cards!

The only downside to this is that these 2 maps affect both players. Thus, you can only play them effectively if you play a deck that doesn't rely heavily on the graveyard. Doesn't sound like a problem, but it is. Namely, there are not many "capable" decks that can work effectively without a graveyard. But still: "The main thing is that it bothers the opponent more than myself"! Because as long as Tearlements' hands are tied, you can live with the disadvantages!

But let's get to the other Unlimited cards:


This card has also been limited to 1 for a long time. Most of all, it was used to activate probably the most annoying card (Mystic Mine) directly from the deck! Now that Mystic Mine is off the table, Konami has also taken this card down from the Limited list.

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Feuerformation - Tenki

Fire Formation - Tenki is now also quite an old card that you liked to play in decks with monster warriors. Because when you activate this card, you can directly pick up one with level 4 or lower from your deck! Most of all, this card was played in combination with Sta-Brigade and Zoodiak. So once again a map that will bring joy to Sta-Brigade players in the future.

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Sternritter Ptolemy

Then we would already be at the last map of this list. Star Knight Ptolemy has also made it onto the Unlimited list. It is definitely one of the strongest Rank 4 XYZ monsters in the game. Of course, this card is much stronger in a Star Knight deck . Unfortunately, the Star Knights are too weak at the moment to keep up with the meta decks. Nevertheless, another nice move on the part of Konami for the future!

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➡️ Result

In the end, this so-called Emergency Banlist did not do what an Emergency Yugioh Banlist should do. Because the real goal should have been to hit the Tearlaments cards directly, which Konami unfortunately didn't do. So the players have to be satisfied with this for now and make the best of it. As already mentioned, most players will probably focus on Macrocosm and Dimensional Rift. We are very excited about the upcoming big tournaments and will of course report on the results! Who knows, maybe Tearlaments will suffer more from this banlist than expected!

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