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The fifth Yugioh main set in German

Labyrinth of Nightmare or LON for short, was the fifth Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Hauptset. On 01.03.2003 this set was released in Germany. Of course, this set has also added some cards to the meta. However, the impact of this set was not as great as, for example, MRD or SRL.

Labyrinth Of Nightmare

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Contents of the LON set

Again, the set contained only 2 different Secret Rares. Overall, this set actually contained fewer cards than its predecessors. To be exact: 105! Here is a more detailed list:

  • 2x Secret Rare
  • 10x Ultra Rare
  • 10x Super Rare
  • 17x Rare
  • 66x Common

➡️ under:

  • 21x normal Monster
  • 32x Effektmonster
  • 1x Ritualmonster
  • 3x Fusionsmonster
  • 29x Zauberkarten
  • 19x Fallenkarten

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Highlights of the fifth Yugioh main set

As always, we start with the 2 Secret Rares of this set! While one has never really been relevant, the other has actually been so strong that it has been limited to [0127510 012759]1 for a while. Here we go!


Secret Rare

Even though this is a monster with no effects, this map was still pretty good! Because a monster with 1900 ATK, which you could summon just like that, was anything but a matter of course at that time! As already mentioned, the Elfenztwininge were never really Meta, but were still played with pleasure from time to time, as the 1900 ATK could already make a difference!

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Magic Cylinder

Secret Rare

And then we're already at THE Secret Rare! Very well known from the 1st century. Anime, as it has been one of the best trap cards in Yami Yugi's deck! So this card was already popular, but with its incredibly strong effect, it was also an important Meta card. After all, you could win some games with her alone. Because Magic Cylinder not only protects the player from an attack, it even likes to inflict a lot of damage on the opponent's Life Points! Sometimes enough to win the game! And for that reason, of course, this card was quickly limited to 1! Today it is allowed 3 times, because in today's format trap cards are rather irrelevant. But still, it can always come quite well!

God of Cards: Dreihörniger Drache Kartenbild

So no one was disappointed by the 2 Secret Rares in this set either. But now let's get to the only card in the set that is still banned today!

Map of Safe Return

God of Cards: Exodia, die Verbotene Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare

A permanent spell card that allows the player to draw a card for each summoning of a monster from its graveyard! Actually, you don't have to say anything about it, because you can tell directly from the effect how incredibly strong and simply unbalanced this card must have been. And it was, although in the past there weren't that many cards with which you could summon monsters from your own graveyard. If this card were allowed today, you could simply draw your entire deck, and thus, for example, get all 5 Exodia pieces into your hand in the first turn of the game to win the game. Therefore, we can confirm one thing: this card will never be allowed again with this effect!

This was the only card on the set that is still banned today. But now let's get to the only card in the set that is still played today!

Tearing tribute

God of Cards: Blauäugiger w. Drache, Rotäugiger S. Drache & Dunkler Magier Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare

Although we first mentioned that trap cards are not actually played in the current format, there are exceptions! Torrential Tribute, or "TT" for short, is a really strong trap card that is still played in certain decks today, and with which you can really win games! Which is not surprising, after all, it has the same effect as "Black Hole", with the advantage that you can activate it in the opponent's turn! The only requirement is that a monster must be summoned. So it's a really extremely effective card, which logically used to be a lot stronger, and was basically played in every deck!

But with LON we got something pretty cool! This is another alternative Win Condition! The first alternative way to win a game was Exodia. So, in this set, the 2. Weg, for which you also needed 5 cards. Only in this case it was the case that these 5 cards had to be on the field instead of in hand. And in this case, they were spells/trap cards! Let's take a closer look at this "puzzle"!

The Ghost News

God of Cards: weitere LOB Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare & 4x Rare

Admittedly, we have never seen anyone manage to win a game with these cards, but it is definitely possible! We'll explain to you how the whole thing works, even if you can get these cards very well from the 1st century. Anime by Yami Bakura. The trap card is basically the head of Exodia. She has the effect of winning the duel when both herself and all the other 4 Ghost Messages are open on the field!

The trap also has the effect that it can place a ghost message card from the deck or from the hand onto the field once per turn (during the opponent's end phase). However, you have to pay attention to the correct order, as you can see very well on the map images. However, you are not allowed to activate any of the "ghost message" spell cards just by hand! So they have to get onto the field step by step through the effect of Schickalstafel!

Of course, this means that in the end you can't use any other traps, because you have to leave the zones free. And if one of the cards is destroyed, they are all automatically destroyed as well. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, we haven't seen anyone win this way. It's still a cool feature!

However, we are now continuing with 2 very strong equipment spell cards, which were also played in quite a few decks at the time, and definitely contributed to the meta!

Power of Magic & Together We Are Strong

God of Cards: weitere LOB Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare

Two incredibly powerful and extremely popular nostalgic gear spell cards! Even though they are absolutely not played today, they were really very effective back then. Power of Magic has increased a monster's ATK & DEF by 500 for each spell/trap card on its own side of the field! So you could increase the stats of a monster by at least 500 up to a maximum of 3000!

Together we are strong has given even more! In the case of the map, the equipped monster receives 800 ATK & DEF for each monster on its own side of the field! So at least 800 and a maximum of 4000 ATK/DEF were possible at that time! Today you can even control 6 monsters, where you would even get an increase of 4800!

As always, we have of course saved the best, or rather the most popular, for last! In this case, too, we are not talking about a Meta card, but about a card that is used by many Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans is loved!

Dark fear of death

God of Cards: Blauäugiger w. Drache, Rotäugiger S. Drache & Dunkler Magier Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare

The artwork of this card could be disturbing for some people, but was used by most Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans extremely celebrated! And so it still is today! Dark Fear of Death is one of the favorite monsters of many Yu-Gi-Oh! Players / Fans. Of course, this is partly due to the fact that we have this map from the 1st century. I know anime very well, as she is the main monster of Yami Bakuras! However, she was also always relatively strong. You can only summon them as a special summon by removing 3 underworld monsters from your graveyard. And you have a monster with 2200 ATK and 2800 DEF! It's something to be proud of! But the effect of the monster has always been something special! Because if this card is destroyed by an opponent's card (on the field) and ends up in the graveyard, you can equip the Dark Fear of Death from the graveyard (like an equipment spell card) with an opponent's monster, and as long as it remains equipped with the monster, you have control over the enemy monster! A really cool effect, a very special artwork, and just absolutely nostalgic!

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