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Yugioh - The Fourth Booster Pack! Pharaoh's Servant

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The fourth Yugioh main set in German

Also Pharaoh's Servant , Or short PSV Called, which on 20.10.2002 (i. e. only approx. 1 month after the release of Spell Riler) was published in Germany, much of the meta at the time contributed. Here, too, we have cards that are now banned. But PSV also, just like the other sets, delivered us beautiful cards from the popular anime!

Pharaoh's Servant

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Contents of the 4. TCG Main sets

PSV Also contained more than 100 different cards, or more precisely 105 . Although it was also the case here that you only 2 Secret Rares Throughout the set, however, it was the first time that a trap card was underneath! So let's take a closer look at the division of the cards, and especially the 2 Secret Rares, one of which is extremely popular and one of the favorite cards of many players!

  • 2x Secret Rare
  • 10x Ultra Rare
  • 10x Super Rare
  • 17x Rare
  • 66x Common

➡️ Among them:

  • 25x Normal monsters
  • 20x Effect monster
  • 1x Fusion monster
  • 17x Magic Cards
  • 42x Trap cards

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The highlights of the fourth Yugioh main set

As you can see from the division of the cards, this set is more about this time Trap cards . With the predecessor ( Spell Ruler ), It was mainly about the Meta Changing magic cards. These were also available in this set, but it was mainly the trap cards that contributed to the meta with this set. We are now actually starting directly with the first Secret Rare Which is a trap card!

Imperial Order

Secret Rare

The first Secret Rare that is NOT a monster! And what a! Imperial command has it Yu-Gi-Oh! Players really not made easy. This card says how you can read the short effect text NO To all magic cards. This is of course far too strong, sometimes the costs of the card hardly bother you. You stop the opponent from almost all of his plays, as most of the decks are on Magic Cards Are dependent/were. So you could use a deck with mainly Trap cards Play, and with this card alone almost decide the game for yourself. Logically, Imperial Order is also on the blacklist today! It has been banned for a long time, and this is unlikely to change.

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Secret Rare

We think that we don't really have to explain to anyone what this card can do or what it stands for. Jinzo is one of the favorite monsters of many Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans. Many of us know & love this card especially from the 1. Anime . After Joey managed to usurp this card, it was really used by him very often, and in principle became one of the ace monsters Joey Wheelers !

But apart from that, Jinzo was also very Meta Relevant. Even if you get cards like" Imperial Order "Look at, you can also imagine the reason. Because Jinzo did the opposite! He said NO To all trap cards, and trap cards used to be a very important part of every deck! Which was also the reason why Jinzo was played in an extremely large number of decks!

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The 2 Secret Rares Out PSV Were not only great collectibles, but also extremely meta-relevant, which you couldn't necessarily say about the previous Secret Rares. But there is more to come! We still have some pretty strong cards here that were back then Meta Turned it upside down again! Let's catch with a Ultra Rare Which was not only extremely meta-relevant after a while, and played in pretty much every deck, but just like Jinzo Extremely popular with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans is because you get this monster out of the Anime Very well knows!

Thousand-Eyed Victim

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Ultra Rare

When this monster was in PSV Was released, it didn't really have anything with the Meta Had to do. A thousand-eyed victim was more of a monster that you can get out of the Anime Knew and liked. After a few years, after which a magic card was released, you have seen this monster in pretty much every deck! The magic card is Metamorphosis ! With the map you could conjure up many fusion monsters extremely simply, which made the victim a very popular target.

Take a closer look now Trap cards Who, apart from "Imperial Command", dominated the meta, and are still allowed today!

Call of the hunted

Ultra Rare

A very powerful permanent Trap card , Which was primarily thought of "rebirth". With the call of the hunted, you now had a trap card, which allows the player to summon a monster from his own cemetery into the attack position. The card was extremely strong, as it could be used to react to an attack by the opposing monster, and possibly even conjure up a stronger monster! But what was even more violent was the fact that Jinzo could be summoned from the cemetery with her. As soon as Jinzo is on the field, he negates all trap cards, including these. That means that Jinzo From this point is no longer "connected" with the call of the hunted, and thus is not destroyed when the hunted leaves the field of play.

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Dust tornado

Super Rare

This time it is a Super Rare and normal trap card. Dust tornado has been seen for a long time really in every deck. After all, with it you also had the opportunity to destroy cards like "Imperial Command", which was not possible with magic cards! Just because an extremely large number of trap cards were played back then, such cards were a must-have for every deck.

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Gravity binding


Then we would already be with our first rare card! Relatively low rarity, and yet so good. Gravity binding, a permanent trap card that you loved to use to hold out your opponent as long as possible. As long as this card is open on the field, no player may attack with tier 4 or higher monsters. So you have stopped a lot of your opponent's monsters with this card alone, and could wait for your own combinations during that time, or e.g. even on Exodia !

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Time Seal


Now we're already at the first Common of this list! But although this is only one Common Card trades, it was several years until recently Prohibited ! Today these days are on 1 limited . After all, she just skips the opponent's next draw phase! Now imagine if you would activate them 3 moves in a row! Definitely an extremely strong card that used to be played several times in many decks.

God of Cards: Dreihörniger Drache Kartenbild

Those were the highlights among the many Trap cards This set. Of course there are more trap cards that have been relevant. We would now like to show you the 3 important magic cards of this set, 2 of which are still today Prohibited Are!

Preliminary Funeral, Nobility of Extinction & Cold Wave

God of Cards: Exodia, die Verbotene Kartenbilder

Ultra Rare, Super Rare & Common

Let's catch with the Ultra Rare Equipment magic card "A hasty funeral". It worked in a similar way to the reputation of the hunted, only as a magic card. You had to pay 800 life points and you could summon a monster from your own cemetery. If this magic card was destroyed, the monster was also destroyed. However, it is very bad Combinations Given, one has e.g. sent this magic card to the hand by an effect, and thus the monster remained on the field. Then you could activate it again. In addition, there is still one or the other card that allows equipment magic cards to be sought from the deck. So there were enough reasons to ban the card. And so it is still today Prohibited .

Now to the Super Rare "Nobleman of Extinction". Today it is allowed 3 times, and is not played. At that time you couldn't imagine this card without it. She was really in pretty much every deck in, as she destroyed a covert monster and removed it from the game. Additionally, if there is a Flip Monster Was, all copies from both players' decks were also taken out of play. In the past, a lot of monsters were played undercover, which in principle no longer occurs today.

And finally, the Common Map "Cold Wave". These Magic card Says that both players are not allowed to activate or set spells/traps until the next move of the player who activated this card. So a really too strong effect, which can simply paralyze the opponent completely for 2 moves. Therefore, this card is still today Prohibited .

These were the meta-relevant highlights of the 4. TCG Main sets . We don't want to end this blog with the meta cards, but with highlights that you can get from the Anime Knows! Here are the last 3 cards of this blog, the many Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans celebrate very much, as these very important cards in 1. Have been anime, and thus were often used! It's a monster who likes to play the lead role" Yami Yugi "Was deployed, and around 2 more monsters that we just like Jinzo By Joey Wheeler Know!

Buster-Blade Fighter, Legendary Fisherman & Gerfried, Iron Knight

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Ultra Rare, Ultra Rare & Super Rare

Let's start with the blade fighter, who we do better under the name" Buster Blader "Know. A monster that likes to come from Yami Yugi Was used, which has 2600 ATK, and received another 500 ATK for each dragon-type monster on the field and in the opponent's cemetery. So against a dragon deck it could happen that this card had more than 8000 ATK! Today a great collector's item, which in Ultra Rare Is really incredibly beautiful!

The legendary fisherman also became one of the main monsters of Joey Wheeler . This card works very well with the game field magic card" Umi ". Definitely a very nice card, and a popular collector's item as Ultra Rare!

And finally, the Super Rare Gerfried! The monster that is one of the most used of all Joey Wheeler cards! Very nice look, 1800 ATK and simply iconic. Gerfried You just have to love!

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